Podchaser raises $4M to build a comprehensive podcast database – TechCrunch

Podchaser, A startup building called “IMDB for Podcasts”, recently announced that it has raised $ 4 million in a Grecroft-led funding round.

In other words, this is a site where – Amazon-owned Internet Movie Database – Users can see which podcasts have appeared, review those podcasts and add them to the list. In fact, CEO Bradley Davis told me that the startup’s “vibrant, exciting community of podcast nerds” has already created 8.5 million podcast credits in the database.

Davis said that this is something he simply wanted to exist and was, in fact, convinced that it already existed. When he realized this didn’t happen, he posted on Reddit asking if anyone was ready to form a company with him – which is associated with his last co-founder and CTO in Australia, Ben Slinger. (Podchaser is a fully distributed company, with Davis currently based in Oklahoma City.)

To be clear, Davis doesn’t think the podcast nerds are the only ones taking advantage of the listing. Instead, he suggested that it be useful to learn more about podcasts and discover new ones, with monthly active users of PodCaster in the past year.

For example, he said that one of the most popular pages is a politician Pete Batigiag’s profile, Where visitors learn not just about Buttigieg’s own podcasts, but others on which he appears. (You can also use Podchaser to learn more about TechCrunch Equity, Mixtape And Original material Podcasts, though those profiles can be filled in a bit more.)

There has been endless discussion about how to fix podcast search, and while Davis is not claiming that Podchaser will solve it wholesale, he thinks it may be part of the solution – not only through his database, but the broader Through this. Podcast Classification The project it is conducting.

“I think if we succeed in standardizing a lot of terminology, and if we analyze all podcasts, how popular they are, that [will help many listeners] To try and find the good stuff, ”he said.

Podchaser has plans to add new features that will encourage user contributions, such as a game system and a discussion system.

While the consumer site is free, the startup recently launched a paid product Podchaser pro, Which provides access and demographic data to 1.8 million podcasts. It also monetizes by providing podcast players with access to their credits through an API.

Davis said the startup was “lucky” that it decided to create an “agnostic” database from a specific podcast player.

“So we had a lot of latitude to work with those platforms, we integrate with many of those platforms and you are going to show a lot of our credit. [in podcast players],” he said.

In addition to Grecroft, Advanceit Capital, Lightshade Ventures, Powerhouse Capital, High Alpha, Hyde Park Venture Partners and Poplar Ventures also participated in the round, as did TrendKite founder AJ Bruno, Ed Results CEO Marshall Williams and Shamrock Capital partner Mike LaSalle did.

“Despite an epidemic, the podcast market is growing at a breakneck pace,” said Alan Petrikoff, co-founder and president of Grecroft in a statement. “The demand for consumers and brands is incomparable. Podchaser’s data and discovery tools are instrumental in taking podcasting to new heights. “