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For the latest episode of Original Content Podcast, We saw “Soul” released on Disney + late last year.

The new Pixar film tells the story of Joe Gardner, a high school music teacher and a jazz musician written by Jamie Foxx. Joe is on the verge of his big break when he accidentally falls under an open manhole, sending him off after a different Pixar-ish twist, and eventually one to return to his body before an important concert. On spiritual quest ..

Anthony has wanted to talk about “Soul” for some time – this was easily his favorite film of the 2020s, but he watched it properly after recording our discussion Best streaming content of 2020.

And if you’re worried that it’s nothing more than 40 minutes of praise, well … you’re not completely wrong. We both loved it, appreciating it both lively (and retrospectively, in sadness), depicting New York City’s life before the epidemic lockdown and social disturbances, as well as our inventive portrayal of the world from which our souls were born. Go away already. And after death. (It was so inventive that Jordan wondered if an unusual substance could be involved in its origin.)

Nevertheless, we specifically accepted some criticism of “soul” Disappointment from some viewers While this is the first Pixar film with a black protagonist, it actually spends a large part of the film as a pale blue soul – amusing from a storyline perspective, but not quite the unquestioned triumph for representation.

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