Parler reportedly removed posts by Trump affiliate Lin Wood calling for execution of VP Mike Pence – TechCrunch

It seems that even “free speech” social networks Parler It has a limit.

The social network has taken down several posts from Trump affiliate Lynn Wood, which has attracted scores of conservative commentators due to its commitment to free speech. According to a report in Mediaite.

In one of the posts removed from the social media platform, Wood called for the execution of the Vice President Mike pence .

In a statement Mediaite, Parler’s chief executive, John Mattez, confirmed that the service had acted on stage against Wood’s positions.

“Yes, some of their parleys that violated our rules were taken down,” Mattez told Mediaite. “The people you are talking about include.”

The move from Parler is important because it would mark one of the first examples of a high-profile conservative figure in which his material has been removed from service.

Parler, despite its reputation as a social platform devoted to free speech, has few rules governing content.

And, as Mediaite flagged off, Wood likely moved from a rule in the company’s Terms of Service stating that “parlays, comments, or messages sent using our service violated these guidelines.” Shall be considered if they include: an explicit or incentive to use violence, or to take a chaotic action, such as: (a) Parlier used violence or chaotic action for the purpose of his speech, and (b) The imminent use of violence or lawless action is the likely result of a parley, comment or message. “

Wood, whose account remains active on Parlar, had Twitter Account suspended on Thursday, As Forbes said at the time.

Meanwhile, incitements to carry out Pence were an important factor for at least some of the rioters who came to the Capitol Building on Wednesday. Jim Borg, editor of Reuters Photo News, tweeted about the hearing of at least three different rioters, hoping to “find Vice President Mike Pence and hang him from the Capitol Hill tree as a traitor.” Be hanged. “