Paramount+ will cost $4.99 per month with ads – TechCrunch

ViacomCBS executives held a virtual investor event today where they outlined strategy for streaming service Paramount + Will launch on 4 March It is basically a rebranded, expanded version of CBS All Access.

In addition to launching in the United States, officials said the service will be available in Latin America and Canada on March 4, with a Nordic launch a few weeks later and an Australian launch planned for this year.

And he said that Paramount + would cost $ 4.99 per month with ads in the US (less than $ 5.99 charged for CBS All Access), or $ 9.99 without ads and additional sports, news and live TV content. . The company also plans to bundle with premium subscriptions, such as Showtime.

Yes, this is yet another streaming service Is a plus with its name. But the company’s streaming president and CEO Tom Ryan said research has shown that the ViacomCBS brand – not only Paramount and CBS, but Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and more – are well-known to audiences, and they will all be up front and- Center in new service. In addition, it is worth noting that ViacomCBS already produces several hit streaming shows on other services, such as “13 Reasons Why,” “Emily in Paris” and “Jack Ryan”.

ViacomCBS officials also argued that Paramount + would have a unique combination of live news, live sports and (to use the phrase repeated throughout the event) “a mountain of entertainment”. And from a product perspective, the service will offer native downloads in 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision, with easy downloads.

On the entertainment side, the service is thought to have over 30,000 TV show episodes and 2,500 movies. And returning to the role of Kelsey Grammer will expand the library like a new version of “Frazier”, as well as a “Halo” TV show that will now debut in early 2022 on Paramount + instead of Showtime. This service is also reboot Parameters of various types Such as “Love Story,” “Fatal Attraction” and “Flashdance.”

And like CBS All Access before it, Paramount + would be home to new Star Trek shows – not only the already-launched “Discovery”, “Picard” and “Lower Deck”, but the upcoming “Strange New World” and children’s Also animated series. “Prodigy.”

In favor of the film, Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos said the company still had a great reverence for theatrical model, but would bring some 2021 releases – including “A Quiet Place Part 2,” the first “Wind Patrol” film, and “Mission” Is included. Impossible 7 ”- Paramount + in an accelerated fashion, 30 to 45 days after coming to theaters (a far less aggressive strategy than HBO Max, which will stream all Warner Bros. films this year. Together their theatrical release) is. And there will also be new straightforward films, starting with reboots of “Paranormal Activity” and “Seminary”.