Paid Media Marketing in 2021: 8 Changes Marketers Should Make

Paid Media Marketing in 2021: 8 Changes Marketers Should Make

Paid Media has a job: to raise its brand.

And as digital marketing develops, so does your strategy.

So how should you change your paid media strategy in 2021?

Here are eight changes you can include without a second thought.

1. Pass Ads to Convert

Passing advertising is a growing field of paid media world.

This is a testament to the recent growth of Instagram reels, as well as the widespread popularity of sources such as TikTok, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Stories.

Basically, if it passes through a user’s streaming or browsing session, you can consider it a passed advertisement (or passive passes). Depends on you!

So how do you get this type of advertising, both in the short and long term?

These types of advertisements have their own play area.

They have to be quick, relevant and (ultimately) conversion-oriented.

Some specific types of advertising work best here:

  • Organic-seeming ads are the best. You want your audience to assume something they adopt, even if they don’t. You want it to be an update of a regular product or service offering, even if it is not.
  • Include post links or swipe-up links whenever possible. The easier you can make it for people, the better.
  • The first one matters the most. Include audio when relevant and make your offering known immediately. Your personality should be clear at first glance.
  • Mutually Promoted. If you share a product video on Instagram reels, upload it to your story And Your feed If you have a ticketlock, share the video there as well.
  • Use them to build a remarketing audience of “audience” and “engage” and “click”.


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2. Making Core Influencers Part of Your Business Model

As a business, you don’t have to do it alone.

Micro and macro are an awesome resource on influencing your beaks and calls, as long as your audience aligns. Even pages with a few thousand followers may seek a major change for smaller brands.

Go on a hunt to find the top influencers in your space. Then, track down each of them to find a cost-per-acquisition (because you have to court the affected, especially the big ones).

From there, you can form a win-win partnership that you get while the influencer earns an income.

Pro tip: You can use influential marketing tools to help you in your journey to integrate key influencers into your business model. Some of the most popular include AspireIQ, BuzzSumo, BrandSnob and NeoReach.

Whichever you choose, make sure that the influencers you discover are enough to provide real value to your brand – and you are paying CPAs that make sense for your budget.


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3. Improved audience management on each platform

The year 2021 is the year to bring your audience management from a holistic point of view and down from each encapsulated platform. This means zeroing in on every site in which you publish paid media advertisements and determine audience management.

First step in this process?

Building an audience.

From there, you should set a strategy to target people on each network – upper to lower – and within each stage of the funnel.

Perhaps the most important part of this process is refreshing your audience as the year progresses. You should definitely plan to reclaim and test new audiences throughout this time.

If you fail to include this part, you risk targeting the wrong area of ​​people, eventually throwing money into the temporal groove.

However, if you reproduce and refresh your point of view, you are bound to find a dynamic audience that ties in with your vision. Finally, managing the audience in gold alone may be worth its weight.

4. Way More Funnels

One word:


You want to build the funnel and double-down on the landing page. But you do not want to throw these advertisements into the internet gap.

Create these funnels and landing pages:

  • By advertising.
  • By network.
  • By stage in the customer journey.

Using these three correlations, you can track the route for users to reach the point of purchase, And You can determine the root of your audience’s behavior.

Trips between YouTube and Facebook can vary, and that’s because these platforms are not designed to do the same thing. Similarly, customers may respond differently by ad type (video carousel ad vs. video ad).

Where they are on the customer journey also makes a lot of difference. Consumers in the awareness phase will not respond to the coupon in the same way that a person would be shy from the purchase phase.


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In short, keeping in mind the nuances will make all the difference as you develop a collection of funnels and landing pages.

5. More forecasts by source and time with budget allocation

Staying on track with your paid media strategy means accurately allocating your budget across the board. This may sound tedious, but once you get into the swing of things, this process will be a natural part of your digital marketing.

First things first: Know the cost of all items in your program. This can be cost-per-click, subscriptions, impact payments (as noted above), or a whole range of other monetary payments.

Basically, you want to know what You are paying, and Where on.

next: Forecasts from the quarter, not just the year. This allows for easy budget changes within a year.

When you are ready to change your paid media strategy, you will be better equipped to do so. Getting budgetary green lights from the authorities will go much more smoothly with quarterly forecasts in hand.


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6. Getting More in Bed with Microsoft

Microsoft, you have left yourself behind.

New Microsoft advertising options are here, and the platform itself is really taking off.

As a marketing professional, your brand will definitely benefit from digging it by 2021.

Specifically, Microsoft Advertising is now offering three new targeting options:

  • Increased LinkedIn Targeting: Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016, they have developed targeting for LinkedIn profiles. Now, marketers can target LinkedIn audiences by job function, company, and industry. There is also an option to use campaign bid modifiers by industry or job.

  • In-market audience: Microsoft Advertising has expanded in-market audiences in France and Germany, which may be beneficial for some companies. But aside from this, in-market audiences are themselves super effective.
  • Dynamic Remarketing for Microsoft Shopping: Microsoft shopping now becomes dynamic remarketing. This means that e-commerce marketers can now target customers who have already interacted with them in some way (ie, target consumers who abandoned their shopping carts).

Dynamic remarketing

7. Achieving Acceptable CPA on YouTube and DSP Networks

Your cost-per-action (CPA) and demand-side platform (DSP) network on YouTube must be at an acceptable rate.


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Using CPA advertising networks is smart for businesses with a developed market.

You do not need to count clicks only to get money, And You can advertise based on a particular action.

It is also important to mention that you need to make them more secondary.

They should come after maximizing the lower funnel network and audience.

If you need help in capping your CPA, consider using Google’s Target CPA bidding tool. It is strong on machine learning and helps you to keep your target CPA at or below.

Set bid limits, make device bid adjustments, and calculate your average target CPA, among other specifics.

And if you don’t know that Amazon also has its own DSP.

8. Using Machine Learning to Your Advantage

Machine learning is only getting stronger.

For Marketing Leaders, Actually 2021 is Time to hope on the machine learning bandwagon.

It just so happens that machine learning and paid media go together like peanut butter and jam.


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Instead of using PPC managers who have to be compensated for doing all this, you can use machine learning.

In fact, it can strengthen your ROI for all types of paid media campaigns (whichever channel you like).

Just make sure you don’t sacrifice your brand’s personality for a little efficiency.

One way to do this is with Google’s responsive search ads.

With the combination of creativity and machine learning, your ads have the potential to go far.

You can also use Google’s Target CPA bidding, a tool we mentioned that simply uses artificial intelligence to do the job.

Your 2021 plan does not have to be static

Times change

So does your business

A new year can mean a new paid media strategy.

By incorporating the suggestions above, you will be on track for a year of development.

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