Nielsen says ‘The Office’ was the most popular streaming series of 2020 – TechCrunch

Because streaming services only selectively release viewership, and because each uses its own methodology, comparing the popularity of different streaming shows and movies can be difficult.

So does Nielsen, which provides standard ratings for traditional TV (and is) Working to combine those ratings with streaming data), Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and Hulu are comparing some apples-to-apples at CES by releasing their list of the most popular streaming content in 2020.

This list is limited to American viewership. And unlike Nielsen’s linear ratings, they do not simply reflect the total number of people watching, but focus on the total number of minutes watched. It also creates a stark contrast with the ratings released by Netflix, which counts the number of households that watch at least two minutes of programs, but does not distinguish between someone who is two minutes vs. two Hours vs. 20 hours watches.

Nevertheless, Netflix is ​​completely dominated by TV series lists, while Disney + does well on the list of movies. Other services do not crack any of the three top 10 lists.

In favor of the original series, the surprise winner (at least, surprising to me) was Netflix’s “Ozark”, which had a 30.5 billion minute stream, followed by “Lucifer” (19.0 billion minutes) and “The Crown” ( 16.3 billion minutes). “Tiger King”, which sounds like one of the epidemic’s defining hits, came in at number four, with a stream of 15.7 billion minutes – though Nielsen’s methodology puts it at a disadvantage, as it has only eight episodes. Perhaps the first non-Netflix series on the list for “The Mandalorian” could have a stream of 14.5 billion minutes.

Nielsen 2020 list

Image Credit: Nielsen

The number was even greater for the acquired series – all streaming on Netflix last year, although the number one show, “The Office” (57.1 billion minutes stream) Bus went to mayur. Other shows in the top five are “Grey’s Anatomy” (39.4 billion minutes), “Criminal Minds” (35.4 billion minutes), “NCIS” (28.1 billion minutes) and “Skits Creek” (23.5 billion minutes).

On the film side, the biggest title was “Frozen II”, which Hurried to disney + And streamed for 14.9 billion minutes, followed by “Moana” (Disney +, 10.5 billion minutes), “The Secret Life of Pets 2” (Netflix, 9.1 billion minutes), “Onward” (Disney +, 8.4 billion minutes ) And “Dr.” . Sis ‘The Grinch’ (6.2 billion minutes). This seems to be a category where family films benefit, perhaps because children are more likely to see them multiple times.

In addition to releasing these lists, Nielsen is announcing a new product, designed to measure the viewership of theatrical video on-demand, aka movies that are released for online rental or purchase. Go. While studios should already have access to basic purchase data for these titles, Nielsen says it can provide an “entire media food chain” about things such as age, gender, ethnicity, and geographic region Watching with more detailed information.

In a statement, Nielsen, general manager of audience measurement, Scott N. Brown said:

As this unprecedented epidemic continues to affect consumer behavior, perhaps even through a prolonged phase of recovery waves, being able to measure and help customers appropriately monetize new revenue streams is never more important Used to be. A big question may be what viewers should do after any recovery, how the behaviors adopted during the stay-at-home order can affect habits when consumers return to theaters to enjoy that experience Has the potential and how content creators can leverage data to make the best decisions about future delivery platforms.