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The new Netflix series “Lupine” is a loose adaptation of the Arsene Lupine stories by Maurice Leblanc, but it is set in the present day, with a protagonist inspired by Leblanc’s fictional “gentleman thief’s adventures.”

Through flashbacks, we meet Essen Diope (played by Omar Syed) as a young Senegal immigrant who has recently arrived in Paris with his father. As an adult, he transforms himself into an impossible-to-be thief and master of disguise.

While some of Asain’s plans have a satisfying clockwork intensity, others rely more on the desire to walk into any room and act as if he is there. As the series’ five episodes continue (and with more to come), Essen is dragged into a mystery around the crime that put her father in jail.

As we explain on the latest episode Original Content PodcastEnjoying, “Lupine” requires some suspension of disbelief – Essen’s success depends on both the surprisingly incompetent police force and its ability to disappear which is difficult to imagine in contemporary society. But if you can go that far, the show is a pleasure to watch, thanks in large part to Sai’s charismatic performance, plus the character’s delightful confidence and ingenuity.

We open the episode by discussing a very different show with the same setting, “Emily in Paris,” Which was recentlyAnd controversially) Nominated for two Golden Globes.

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