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Myanmar’s government has expanded its internet, with Microsoft’s lobbying arms blackmailing the presidential election and Dublin’s Frontline Ventures raising a new fund. This is your daily crunch for February 5, 2021.

Big story: Myanmar blocks Twitter and Instagram

The military government in Myanmar recently briefed telecom operators and Internet service providers Block access to facebook. Now it’s doing the same thing Twitter and instagram.

This happened after the military was overthrown in Myanmar to take power from the civilian government. The new government claims that Twitter and Instagram are being abused for spreading propaganda and misinformation, posing a threat to the country’s stability.

The Telenor Group, one of the country’s largest telecommunications providers, said in a statement that it was “seriously concerned with this development in Myanmar” and said that “freedom of expression through access to communications services must be maintained at all times” Should be kept, especially in times of conflict. “

Tech giants

Microsoft blacklisted PAC election objections and advocates for progressive organizations – After “pausing” any politician who voted to overturn the 2020 election, Microsoft has clarified changes to the lobbying policy of its employee-funded PAC.

Peloton will pump $ 100M into delivery logistics to ease supply concerns – Peloton has announced that it will invest more than $ 100 million in air and ocean freight deliveries due to the “long acceptable waiting time for delivery of our products”.

PayPal is closing its domestic payments business in India – PayPal has taken less than four years to kickstart local operations in the world’s second largest Internet market.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Frontline Ventures of Dublin raised $ 83.8M seed fund for European B2B startups – The firm is aiming to invest in 45 companies over the next four years.

BeGreatTV to offer courses like Masterclasses taught by Black and Brown innovators – Courses are designed to teach people and succeed in a particular industry.

These co-founders turned their sustainability podcast into a VC-supported business – These podcast co-hosts are turning audience verification into a standalone business blueprint called Brightly.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

Gaurav Gupta of Lightspeed and Raj Dutt of Gurafna discuss the pitch deck, pricing and how to nail the story – Both told how they came together for Grafana’s Series A … and finally, its Series B.

How GameStop Stonkathon helped Robinhood raise $ 3.4B last week – Robinhood has shown an impressive ability to raise large amounts of capital.

TechCrunch’s Favorite Companies from 500 Startups’ Latest Demo Day – Startups from Alex Wilhelm and Jonathan Shiber.

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everything else

House represses Republican lawmakers who promote violent conspiracy theories – When the House moved to vote on a highly unusual resolution, Marjorie Taylor Green claimed that her QAnon hug was in the past.

‘Orwellian’ AI lie detector project challenged in EU court – This suit highlights the questions of ethics and efficacy associated with the block’s major R&D program.

Learn about the importance of accessible product design in TechCrunch sessions: Justice – In our program on 3 March, we will examine the importance of ensuring accessible product design from the beginning.

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