Michelle Obama calls on Silicon Valley to permanently ban Trump and prevent platform abuse by future leaders – TechCrunch

In a new statement released by former First Lady Michelle Obama She specifically called on Silicon Valley to address her role in the violent uprising effort by Trump supporter rioters at the US Capitol Building on Wednesday. Obama’s statement also explicitly points out the biased treatment that predominantly white pro-Trump fanatics face by law enforcement that is mostly received by peaceful BLM supporters during their peaceful demonstrations (as Wednesday’s criminal As opposed to activity), but also includes a specific deterrence. Tech industry leaders and stage operators.

“Now is the time for companies to stop this monstrous behavior – and even further, they have already permanently banned this man from their platforms and their technology to insure fuel by the country’s leaders Are making policies to implement their policies to prevent them from using, Obama wrote in his statement, which he shared Twitter And on Facebook.

Most social platforms have already made the call to action. Facebook has banned TrumpHowever, it described the suspension period as “uncertain” and Joe Biden officially assumed the presidency, leaving the possibility open for the restoration of his accounts in two weeks’ time. Meanwhile, Twitter initially deleted three tweets in which it rejected its rules inciting violence and then closed Trump’s account. Twitter before thursday Confirmed that Trump had removed these and that his account would later be reinstated 12 hours after his removal. Twitch has also disabled Trump’s channel At least until the end of his term, Shopify has removed Trump’s official consignment From its platform.

Thus far no social platform has permanently banned Trump, as far as TechCrunch is aware, which Obama is calling for in his statement. While both Twitter and Facebook have discussed how Trump’s recent behavior has violated his policies regarding his use of the platform, neither has yet provided any detailed information on how he is ahead of other world leaders. How will anyone address any similar behavior to come. In other words, we do not yet know what would be different (if anything) that another Trump-style megalith should take office and use available social channels in a similar way.

Obama as a senator “is hardly the only political figure to call for action from social media platforms to prevent continued abuse and violence of his platform.” Mark warner Put into Statement on wednesday. The dust is likely to clear from this week’s events, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al. MPs and public interest groups will face renewed scrutiny around any corrective action.