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Taiwan is a tech powerhouse known for being the headquarters of companies such as Foxconn, Pegatron, TSMC, Acer and Asus. But while Taiwan’s tech industry is defined by well-established players, it is also home to a growing startup scene. Beyond the official beginning of CES, Taiwan Excellence Award The non-profit trade promotion group was announced by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (known as) TAITRA) And showstoppersGiving a preview of your startups offering. The awards went to seven startups, while eleven other companies also presented. They cover many areas, from health and health to industrial surveillance.

Will showcase its startup at CES next week Taiwan Pavilion, Organized by Taiwan Tech Arena.

The seven Taiwan Excellence Award winners are:

Adventuretech’s WISE-2410 vibration sensor

AdvantechOf Loravan solutions are designed to control applications over wide distances and are used for a wide variety of scenarios, including flooding, monitoring patients with critical care in hospitals and transportation infrastructure. Its two latest devices include the WISE-6610, a gateway for connecting 500 sensors and sending its data to a cloud platform using a 3G / LTE or wired Ethernet connection. The other one is the WISE-2410, a vibration sensor for monitoring motor-driven mechanical equipment and identifying potential issues so manufacturers can schedule maintenance before the machines malfunction, resulting in costly downtime.

Free Machine Learning-based FACEAM is the developer of facial recognition engine, which is used in AIOT applications including security, smart retail and surveillance. As the COVID-19 epidemic continues, CyberLink’s new product can also detect faces without a FaceMe Health mask, and can send alerts if someone is not wearing a mask or has a high temperature. This means assisting with epidemic control measures in places such as hospitals, airports, retail stores and factories.

DyacoWorkout equipment line, called Sole health, Incorporates its new SOLE CC81 cardio climber, which combines the features of steppers and climbers into one machine. The SOLE CC81 is ergonomic, so users can get high-intensity cardio workouts while reducing wear on their joints.

Green Jacket Sports Performing it Golface The smart system, which helps golf courses monitor and gather data on their operations in real-time, while allowing golfers to track their performance. Other features of the smart system include aerial video and real-time scoring tasks.

Maktar A smartphone is the manufacturer of a backup device called a QB. Shaped like a small cube, the QB automatically backs up the phone while they are charging and does not require an Internet or WiFi connection. Instead, users insert a microSD card into the Qubii and connect it to their smartphone with a common power adapter or charger. Whenever the smartphone is charged, Qubii supports their photos, videos and contacts. The device also has a patented SD card lock feature to protect data.

MiTAC Digital TechnologyOf Mio dashcam The range also makes explicit videos in dark places such as parking lots. The latest Amio dashcam, called the MiVue 798, uses Sony’s lowlight STARVISTM sensor and an all-glass lens, and produces wide-angle video with up to 2.8K quality. The MiVue 798 also has WiFi connectivity for video backup and online sharing via the MiVue Pro app. Other features include GPS tracking, a patented smart alert system with fixed-distance warnings and speed limit alerts, and a driver assistance system that warns of lane departure, driver fatigue and further collisions.

Winmate The vehicle will introduce its M133WK Ultra Rugged Tablet PC designed for diagnostics. Powered by an 8th-gen Intel Core i5-8265U Whiskey Lake processor, for high performance with low power consumption, the M133WK features a 1920 X 1080 PCAP touchscreen that is viewable even in bright sunlight.

Here are 11 other startups presenting TAITRA and Showstoppers:

One wayThe AK11 Fleet Hub is a 4G LTE tool for real-time management of fleets across various verticals.

ELECLEAN 360 Describes it as “the world’s first nano-catalysis electrochemical technique” to transform water into hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals for cleaning and disinfection.

In win development SR Pro is offering CPU coolers, which use a patented twin-turbine pump operating in parallel to optimize water flow and ensure thermal performance. It comes with high-airflow AJF120 fans to cool the PC more quickly.

Innolux Manufactures a full range of LCD panels for TVs, monitors, notebooks, industrial, medical, mobile and other applications.

Planetary technology PLANET is building a powerful network called the Powerful Enterprise VPN Cyberspecificity and Firewall Solutions for the “post-cove-19 era”.

Rice air LUFT makes the cube, a small filterless nanotech personal air purifier.

Systems and Technology Corp (Systech)K’s fleet management platform uses intelligent telematics to help organizations track where vehicles are and manage their fleets more efficiently.

Tokyo Biotech Smart makes massage chairs and healthcare-related products that are linked to apps and sensor technologies.

Winnoz Ham is a manufacturer of portable vacuum-assisted devices for collecting blood samples from the fingers.

WiseChip Develops transparent OLEDs with tactile functions for use in home appliance control panels, automotive, transportation applications (such as passenger information display systems) and wearable devices.

YztekOf The E + Autoff is an IoT device designed to prevent people from forgetting to turn off their stoves. Apart from auto turn-off, it also has cooking time adjustment and energy saving features.