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A prominent Republican senator weighs in on Amazon’s labor disputes, reports a security vulnerability at the Microsoft Exchange and we investigate ByteDance’s gaming strategy. This is your daily crunch for March 12, 2021.

Big story: Marco Rubio sides with Amazon workers

Senator Marco Rubio Published An op-ed Today in the united states Announces its support for workers in Amazon’s warehouse In Bessemer, Alabama, because they want to form a union.

It is surprising for a Republican senator to put her weight behind the nascent labor union, but it seems that Rubio’s position is as much in line with her feelings about Amazon as her labor politics. In fact, his op-ed warned “threats posed by uncontrolled influence of labor unions”, also arguing that Amazon is guilty of “uniquely malicious corporate behavior”.

Tech giants

Hackers are taking advantage of weak Exchange Server to bring down ransomware – This puts thousands of email servers at risk of catastrophic attacks.

How does ByteDance plan to crack the gaming industry? – The company’s strategy includes a style-spanning portfolio, a hiring spree, a proven monetization plan and a focus on both domestic and foreign markets.

Elon Musk, Tesla board sued, alleging ‘irregular’ tweet in the case – A Tesla investor continues to send “indefinite tweets” to the company board and Musk, who violate an agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which requires monitoring their social media activities.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Assembled, an operating system for support teams, raises $ 16.6M – The round was led by Emergence Capital, a VC that specializes in venture startups.

Getting stability benefits for its supply chain, BMW supported Boston Metal’s CO2-free iron production technology – The Boston startup had already targeted raising $ 50 million in the year before, and BMW’s addition closes that round.

Leg firms get $ 7M to help upgrade digital workflows – The legal platform provides tools to streamline core business processes such as customer onboarding, due diligence and payment.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

How Non-Technical Talents Can Break Into Deep Technology – Strategic advice for finding, reaching out, cultivating relationships with, and working in deep tech companies.

US-listed SPACs have a new goal: Latin American tech companies – An unprecedented IPO of tech companies has sprung up on the Brazilian stock exchange.

I’m putting an end to ARR-focused coverage – Alex Wilhelm says that after all, he was getting similar notes from each company.

Everything else

Big tech companies can’t be trusted with self-regulation: we need Congress to act – Thoughts from Arisha Hatch of Color of Change.

TC Discribe 2021 has new features and advanced virtual startup street experience – This year, we are shaking things up, making maximum use of virtual environments to help the founders demonstrate.

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