Madrona promotes Anu Sharma and Daniel Li as Partners – TechCrunch

After the announcement of more than $ 500 million in new capital in the two new funds, Seattle-based Madronne Venture Group has announced that they are adding Anu Sharma and Daniel Lee to the team’s list of partners.

The firm, which has paid particular attention to enterprise software bets in recent years, invests heavily in the early-stage Pacific Northwest startup scene.

Both Lee and Sharma are stepping into a partner role at the firm after some time. Lee stayed with Madron for five years, while Sharma joined the team in 2020. Prior to joining Madron, Sharma led product management teams at Amazon Web Services, worked as a software developer at Oracle and served as a VC at SoftBank China. & India. Lee previously worked at the Boston Consulting Group.

I had a chance to catch up with Lee, who notes that a big shift in his day-to-day responsibilities for promotion would not mean – “In Madron, you’re not promoted until you’re in the next role anyway.” Be working as well., “He says – but also how much he trusts” the firm’s locations among junior investors. “

When asked to flatten his enterprise career, while being particularly flush with cash in the public and private markets, Lee acknowledges some daunting challenges.

“On the one hand, just five years is a wonderful time to join venture capital because things are still working and on the right with a lot of things; This is just a super exciting time, ”says Lee. On the other hand, from a macro perspective, you know that more capital is flowing in than ever before as the VC’s assets. And just from that pure macro perspective, you know that this means that the returns are going to be lower in the next 10 years because the valuation is higher. “

Still, Lee is very fast at Internet companies boasting of large amounts of global GDP and specifically expects to invest in “low-code platforms, next-gen productivity, and online communities”, while Madron gave his While the announcement notes, Sharma plans to continue the search for “distributed systems, data infrastructure, machine learning, and security.”

TechCrunch recently talked with Lee and his Madonna colleague Hope Cochran about some of the top trends in social gaming and how investors were approached for new opportunities in the gaming industry.