Looking Glass is launching 3D photo software for its holographic tech – TechCrunch

last month, Viewing glass factory Portrait, which was its first offering to a more general audience. The device uses the company’s impressive holographic imaging technology for a far more accessible form factor – a technically impressive digital photo frame, simply fitted.

Of course, the biggest question mark for this kind of technology is always the content. More specifically, how do people who buy a $ 349 product actually create 3D images to use with it? The startup then announced the resolution of that issue today as HoloPlay Studio. The company’s proprietary software was created to convert 2D images to 3D.

CEO Sean Fryne said in a release.

The company promises less entry here. Users simply need to upload pictures to the software. Results will vary based on several factors. This is the kind of thing I would normally like to see in person, first, but it’s been bad for a few years of hands-on experiences.

The technology is set to go live through the site of Looking Glass at some point in Spring. After that, it will be bundled with new portrait tools. Backers get 20 conversions for free and then it is $ 20 for 100 photos.