Let’s talk IP and M&A with Perkins Coie, Merus Capital & Brainbase at TC Early Stage in April – TechCrunch

We are already out a few weeks TC Initial Phase 2021 Event on April 1-2. This two-day bootcamp helps beginner founders develop core entrepreneurial skills for startup success. We are talking on essential topics led by experts in their field.

case in point. Intellectual property is your bread and butter – you need to protect it and understand its value from a VC’s point of view. And when you’re an early-stage founder, it’s never too early to learn and exit about mergers and acquisitions because you never want to catch up flatfoot – especially if your startup takes a fast flight is.

Keeping all of that in mind, we have set up a group of heavy haters – from Perkins koe, Mars capital And Brainbase – To share their expertise on the protection of M&A and IP. Don’t miss these three interactive breakout sessions with some of the best minds in the business.

Creating and protecting IP value in relation to VC financing (Perkins koe)

How do venture capital investors value formal intellectual property (IP) rights when deciding to fund a technology or life sciences start-up? How do they do IP due diligence? Do investors and founders, post-funding, follow an IP strategy to ensure their start-ups that optimize exit valuation for all? Perkins CoE Partners Michael Glenn (Patent Prosecution) and Matt Oshinsky (Emerging Company Venture Capital) meet with an experienced venture capitalist to discuss these and other questions about protecting IP rights and maximizing the value of all development work. brought by Perkins koe.

An M&A Playbook for Startup Founders – Lessons from Google and Microsoft (Mars capital)

One of the most important decisions a founding team makes when a strategic buyer is considering selling the company. In this session, learn to contact acquaintances, avoid common pitfalls and maximize your chances for an eye-popping assessment. Hear from Sean Dempsey, founding partner of Minus Capital, who led 10-year leading acquisitions for Google and Microsoft and Dave Sobota, vice president of corporate development at Instacart, and former M&A leader at Google. brought by Mars capital.

Naming and protection of your company’s intellectual property (Brainbase)

You have an idea for a game-changing product or service – what do you call it? Once you choose a name, how do you ensure that no one else is using it? Are domain and twitter handles available? Brainbase has made it easy to register a trademark without a lawyer, and immediately owns its brand across all channels. In this session, the company’s co-founder and CEO, Nate Cavanaugh, explains the importance of owning your company’s trademark – both for brand protection and for fundraising for due diligence. brought by Brainbase.

Wow, this is some good stuff. And you’ll get a lot of whip-smart presentations Early Stage 2021 Agenda. Check it out and make your day strategic.

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