Leading VC funds club together to offer remote office hours for 250+ European women founders – TechCrunch

In the wake of International Women’s Day, on May 6 this year, a group of key VC funds are forming to provide remote office time for more than 250 female founders from across Europe. Female founders who wish to apply can see more information Here And Apply for the opportunity here.

The initiative aims to do away with the need for a “warm introduction”. Each founder will have the opportunity to meet four investors during an hour of remote office time to discuss their tech business idea, ask for advice, pitch for investment, or find a mentor.

The event is being jointly organized by Playfair Capital, Tech Nation and Google for startups. Participants include Atomico, Crandum, Dawn, Balderton, EQT, Notion, LocalGlobe, Parttech and Sequia.

A Playfair spokesman said the last four editions saw a total of 2,000 individual consultation sessions involving 490 founders and 105 investors. To date, 18% of the founders raised funding after participating in an event that included founders of Organize, Sidequest, Paid, Freida and Juno.

Playfair says the event will use “AI matching technology” between founders and investors to further improve funding results.

Chris Smith, Managing Partner at Playfair Capital, commented: “The ecosystem support has been incredible and we are extremely grateful to all the investors who have put their weight behind this event. Starting to hear some success stories from past events is incredibly exciting and early evidence that by collaborating extensively and from a long-term perspective we can truly make an impact. “