Landbot closes $8M Series A for its ‘no code’ chatbot builder – TechCrunch

Barcelona based landlord, A ‘no-code’ chatbot builder, has acquired an $ 8M Series A led by Spanish-Israeli VC firm Swanlab, with the support of Spain’s innovation-focused public agency. CDTI. Previous investors Nauta Capital, Encomenda and Bankinter also participated in the round.

We last talked back to Landboat in 2018 when it raised $ 2.2M seed and had 900+ subscribers. It has grown that ~ 2,200 paying customers, with some 50,000 individuals, are now using its tool (both free and paid accounts).

It has also grown 10x in recurring revenue since its seed – and is expecting growth to continue moving ahead with new funding.

It added that the coronavirus epidemic has led to supercharged demand for conversational landing pages as businesses of all types seek ways to automate higher versions of digital inbound customer combs, without the need to make major investments in in-house IT. K.

Landboat’s clients range from SMEs to large teams within specialized organizations and products, testing the likes of Nestle, MediaMart, Coca-Cola, SafeSa, Pecamponent and Prudential with their client roster, with startups named.

“We are seeing strong traction from industries such as eCommerce, financial services and marketing agencies,” CEO and co-founder Jiaqi Pan tells TechChunch. “The e-commerce segment is the one that we have seen the most growth since COVID-19, where we have increased the number of customers by 2x From ecommerce Industry. “

The new funding will be used to double Landboat’s team during 2021 (it currently employs 40 people) – with planned fares in sales, marketing and engineering.

The startup, which launched its ‘No Code’ flavor of chatbot builder in 2017, first moved its headquarters from Valencia to Barcelona to help with recruitment.

Since the launch of Landboat, the dominance of the ‘No Code / Low Code’ movement has become a fully developed trend driven by the demand for productivity and the supply of digital services promoting the supply of most specialist businesses capable of manufacturing goods. Are leading

Hence the rise of service-producing tools that make customization technical capabilities accessible to non-technical staff.

The epidemic has only put more fuel on this fire – and low-friction devices such as landbots are clearly receiving rewards.

Interesting, as well as competing with other San Francisco-based conversational chatbot builders Many, Landboat says that it is seeing traction from customers who are seeking to change web forms with more attractive chat interfaces.

Its drag-and-drop chatboat builder tool is designed to support informants on what a landboat would do as “an illogical web page experience filled with gifs and visual elements to attract end-user attention.” Is – so that you understand the appeal for SMS any smartphone user should be able to change their boring old static forms with the experience of being familiar with using messaging applications like WhatsApp.

“In terms of the main competitor in the no-code space, we have some overlap Many As the most direct competitor to the chatboat. On the other hand, as we have many customers using us to change our forms, we are also competing against form builders like us TYPEFORM, ”Says Pan, later another Barcelona-based startup that similarly bills itself as a platform for” conversational “and” interactive “data collection.

Landboat has recently acquired it in India. Morph.AI, A chat-based marketing automation tool he is using to help turn social, website and advertising traffic into leads – as well as aimed at expanding a presence in the Asian market.

To date, 90% of its customers are international, with 60% coming from the US, UK and Germany.

In a statement, Swanlab’s general partner, Juan Revuelta, commented on Series A: “The beauty of Landbot is in the product’s drag and drop solution. Simplicity is important to make this product accessible to everyone in many different types of business. If you are a small company, you do not have the luxury of time or money to resolve issues in customer service or to run grand marketing campaigns.

“Landboat helps all businesses have truly frictionless conversations with customers and exchange the data they need to make smart decisions and scale. The team has had a remarkable 2020, and we are excited to support them in helping more businesses this year. “