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Apple Facing a major setback in one of its legal fights, VMware sues a former executive and Google tests a new short-form video feature. This is your daily crunch for December 29, 2020.

Big story: judge dismisses Apple’s copyright claims Corellium

Apple filed a lawsuit last year against Corellium, a company that allows security researchers to create virtualized iOS devices in browsers to discover potential security flaws.

Apple argued that Corellium’s product both infringes on its copyrights and, bypassing the underlying credentials and security checks, violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Today, Judge Rodney Smith Apple’s copyright claims rejected And wrote that “Corellium has met its burden of establishing fair use.”

Smith did not rule out Apple’s DMCA claims, so this legal battle is not over.

Tech giants

VMware files suit against prior execution to move to rival company – The company is claiming that former COO Rajiv Ramaswamy was aware of the major plans in VMware and should have told the company that he was interviewing for a job at a rival organization.

Google Pilot is a search feature that collects short-form videos from TikTok and Instagram – It can help Google retain users in search of social video entertainment.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

23andMe Raises $ 82.5M in New Funding – The company’s work this year around COVID-19 has put the value of its platform in a new light.

Commonguard raises $ 19M to rethink online communications – The goal is to build online collaboration software that more fully captures the nuances of person-communication.

Seattle-based Madron raises $ 320M for its eighth fund – This is slightly above the firm’s previous two funds, which were both $ 300 million vehicles.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

As the launch market matures, the space on the ground expires. – If you think the launch boom was large, just wait to see what happens when it connects with the private satellite boom.

Streaming services face their real test in 2021 – While media / telecom executives and Wall Street investors are keen to make big investments for a streaming-focused future, they will expect to see real gains soon.

What’s behind this year’s boom in Climate Tech SPACs? – There is no denying that 2020 has been the year of the Special Purpose Acquisition Company.

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Everything else

From the US to China, Korea, India and Europe, anti-social action against technology is gaining serious momentum – Antitrust is now a major issue for the tech industry worldwide.

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