Jack Ma’s absence from public eye sparks Twitter discussions – TechCrunch

The world’s attention is on Jack Ma’s The report then revealed that Alibaba’s chief and billionaire founder of the billionaire group had been absent from public view since late October.

On October 24, Ma made fiery remarks against China’s financial system to an audience of high-ranking officials. After days, Chinese authorities suddenly took action Ant’s initial public offering stoppedAn act is believed to be linked to Ma’s controversial speech. The Chinese government later revealed to FinTech Behemath, which thrived in a relatively Rex regulatory environment “Improve” your business according to the law. Ant’s future hangs in the air.

Concurrently, Chinese regulators have Launched an unprecedented investigation In Alibaba on suspected monopoly behavior.

Ma is known for her vocal personality and love for headlines, so it is no surprise that she is missing from recent events, including the last episode He made an African TV program, Wide spark. The world of Twitter has dominated from economists to journalists:

A spokesman for Alibaba said, “Regarding the Africa’s Business Heroes competition, Mr. Ma had to miss the closing due to a scheduled conflict.”

Although China’s Twitter counterpart Weibo has not blocked the search for “Jack Ma’s disappearance”, the posts that have surfaced are hardly of any sort or repost. Somewhere on the Chinese Internet, users are speculating inside WeChat groups that Ma had either “disappeared” or has fled the country.

It is worth noting that Ma has stepped back from day-to-day operations on Alibaba for a long time. In September 2019, he officially handed over his helm as president of the company. For his successor Daniel Zhang. That said, billionaires still dominate the e-commerce business in the so-called lifetime Alibaba partnershipA group consisting of senior management ranks, who can nominate most directors on the board.

It is not uncommon to see a Chinese tycoon lying low in hard times. After Richard Liu was charged with rape, The fiery founder of JD.com, Alibaba’s archery, Gave up A major political event in China last year. Pence Ma, the founder of Tencent, who already has a low profile, has been absent from the public gaze for nearly a year, although the reason for this is his chronic “back problems”, a source told TechCrunch, and the tech boss Made it Virtual appearances Over the past year by sending voice messages to events.