It’s not just you, Slack is struggling this morning – TechCrunch

Loose All efforts were made this morning to bring the world of work back to ensure that everyone’s return would be as chaotic and unproductive as possible.

In short, when the downtime began, it is not clear, although problems started between TechCrunch staff after ten in the morning. Dull yourself deployment of At 10:14 am Eastern time there was a problem:

Downtime issues are not new for the workplace chat application Went public in mid-2019, before this Announce a deal To sell to Salesforce by the end of 2020. TechCrunch covers service uptime issues 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, And so on.

The downtime is embarrassing because Slack is in the middle of selling himself for a hefty check. For a service designed to help people work, when users – customers – are separating properly! – You’re trying to gear the service back to a working year is just terrible.

I think we can call each other until Slack is backed up.

To close, view from Redmond here, with Competitive team product: