India warns Twitter over lifting block on accounts and noncompliance of order – TechCrunch

India has issued a notice on Twitter, warning the US social firm to follow an order by New Delhi to block accounts and content related to farmers’ protests and not “assume the role of a court and non – Justify compliance. ” Failure to obey the order could indicate punitive action against Twitter, the notice warns.

This warning keeps coming on Twitter Dozens of high-profile accounts blocked in India In compliance with New Delhi’s request, but the ban was later lifted.

Twitter “cannot assume the role of court and justify non-compliance.” Twitter being an intermediary is bound to follow instructions to the satisfaction of the authorities, as inflammatory content will affect passion and influence. Twitter cannot sit as an appellate authority to the satisfaction of officials about its potential impact on public order, ”the notice said, a copy of its summary was reviewed by TechCrunch.

India’s IT ministry has also expressed concern over the outrageous and factually inaccurate tweets and hashtags that are circulating in India this week, stating that it is designed to spread hatred. “It is thus clear that, the offensive tweet / hashtag remained in the public domain and would have been tweeted and re-tweeted multiple times at the risk of public order and incurring the costs and commission of crimes,” the notice stated f.

Twitter declined to comment.

For more than three months, tens of thousands of farmers (if not more) in India and elsewhere have opposed three laws passed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government last year, they say, leading to greater private sector competition Allow

Twitter, which reaches more than 75 million users in India through its app, has emerged as the most important online platform for people to give their opinion on the matter. Singer Rihanna, who has more followers on Twitter than any Indian actor or politician, tweeted a CNN news on Tuesday about protests in India and asked “why aren’t we talking about this!” The

A number of Indian politicians and high-profile Indian actors, including Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor, on Wednesday warned Indians not to come for “publicity”.

Raman Cheema, a senior international lawyer and director of Asia Pacific Policy at Access Now, a nonprofit internet advocacy organization Said In a series of tweets that instead of threatening social media platforms, India’s IT ministry “needs to explain why seeking to block the entire handle and ban hashtags does not violate the Indian Constitution.” He said that the ministry is neither transparent nor respectful of rights.

“You can choose to disagree, correct, ridicule, or engage with such fear, resentment. Banning and banning such discussions is an outrage of India’s Constitution + international human rights law. It is not that Which should not allow 21st century India, nor have our founders envisaged. The Ministry of Electronics and IT should issue its actual orders and all documents behind the decisions of the government – (1) issue these orders and ( 2) Press the matter with Twitter and other social media platforms. Don’t hide; explain and explain how it is not unconstitutional. “