How this startup is mapping India’s potholes using just your phone

India is a country of many languages ​​and cultures, but you will find some things in all states and religions. Pits on the roads are one of them.

No matter where you go in India, you will find one or more roads with pits. While Indians have learned to improve their driving skills to compensate for rough roads, many accidents occur around the country.

According to official figures, in 2018, more than 2,000 people were killed and more than 4,000 were injured From accidents caused by pits in India. In addition, there may be many uncontrolled events that may not have occurred.

While Google Maps has improved over the years in charting Indian roads, there is no information about dents and cavities in the road. This is a problem a startup called Intents is trying to solve – and it only needs to use sensors in your phone

Tabrez Alam, Naresh Katchi, Prakash Velusamy and Balasubramanian R. started this company earlier this year with the aim of collecting data about pits and alerting users to avoid accidents.

The firm created a simple application to capture pits using your phone’s sensors, such as a gyroscope and accelerometer. Its algorithm allows a change in the speed of your vehicle and sudden jumps and jumps, to determine if there are pits in some places on a road.

You can install the app, and learn about your business even without registration. The company says it does not need your personal data. And to increase the confidentiality of the data collected, it is stored behind a public key infrastructure (PKI).

The application is based on HERE Maps technology, but you do not need to use it for navigation. You can use Google Maps or any other mapping application, and INTENTS GO The app will alert you to pits through audio.