House punishes Republican lawmaker who promoted violent conspiracy theories – TechCrunch

Democrats voted to strip in the House Freshman Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Green On Thursday, citing some of her responsibilities, cited her prayer for him Violent, Undemocratic And Sometimes anti-Semitism conspiracy theories.

Green has voiced support for a series of dangerous conspiracies, including the belief that the 2018 Parkland school shooting in which 17 people were killed was a “false flag”. That belief indicated Two teachers called to remove him From the House Education Committee – one of the functions of his new committee.

The vote on a motion to remove Green from his committee’s task broke along party lines, with almost all Republicans opposing the resolution. Some of her colleagues also voted in Green’s defense, despite denouncing her behavior in the past.

As the House proceeded to vote on a highly unusual resolution, the new Georgia jurist claimed that QAnon’s embrace was in the past.

“I never said that during my entire campaign” Qion “, Green said on Thursday. “I have never said anything during my campaign that is being accused today. I have not said any of these things since I was elected to the Congress. These were words from the past. “

But as Will Somer of the Daily Beast reportedIn a tweet removed from December, Green is clearly defending QAnon and directing blame for the media and “big technology”.

In another recently published post from January 2019, Green showed support for online comments “A bullet to the head” for executing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and FBI agents.

Green has also shared openly Racist, Islamophobic and anti-Jewish views in Facebook videoA track record that prompted Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to condemn his statement last June as “blasphemous”. Recently, McCarthy defended against efforts to remove Green from the committees.

Green was selected to represent a conservative district after his rival in Northwest Georgia in November Kevin Van Osdall exits citing personal reasons. Greene defeated his opponent in the Republican primaries in August, securing 57% of the vote.

QAnon, a dangerous fringe collection of conspiracy theories, was well represented in January’s deadly Capitol riot, and several photos from the day show the prevalence of QAN symbols and assertions. In 2019, an FBI bulletin warned QAnon’s connection to “domestic extremists with conspiracy theories”. A year later, at least one person who held similar views would win a seat in Congress.

The overlap between Green’s beliefs and the violent pro-Trump mob in the Capitol increased tensions among lawmakers, many of whom expressed apprehension for their lives in the form of an attack.

A new representative with little apparent appetite for policy or coalition-building, Green did not foresee much legislative power in the House. But to move Qiyeon and the surrounding intrigues from the fringe to the mainstream and possibly return again – a trajectory is largely arbitrarily fixed Decisions of social media companies – Green’s treatment in Congress may indicate what to do for a dangerous online movement that exceeds the potential to spread to real-world violence.