Home Office Setup Guide: The Best Gear for Working at Home

Long ago i Forced to live indoors before this spring, I spent most of my time indoors. I am Made a pc In college (with the help of friends), and since then I have continued to complete my home office setup — switching desks, keyboards, monitors, and more.

When many of my friends and colleagues were forced Coronavirus epidemic, I realized that most people do not have a home office setup like mine. The epidemic is still increasing, and while A. Vaccine has been approved, It is likely that we will not go back to the offices for many more months. Even if we do, office work will never be the same, as more and more companies are considering Permanent work from home Solution. So, my fellow people were privileged enough to work from home, below are some pics that might have made that work better. Many have been tested by WIRED’s gear team, and we are recommending others based on customer reviews of retailers, what other sites have to say, and our experience with brands.

Updated December 2020: I’ve added several new items, including a Popin’s chair, an under-desk bike, a headphone stand with wireless charging, new desk accessories and technical support section, and more.

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You need a good laptop or pc

Photo: Apple

We are guessing that you have a laptop or desktop of some kind, whether it is your own personal device or a work you bring. If not, check us out Best laptop, Best cheap laptop, Best chromebook, And Best macbook Guide. If you are looking at a desktop PC, we have recommendations and advice for Gaming pc prebuilt It can work, or you can create your own For very little.