HiPeople picks up $3M seed to automate reference checks – TechCrunch

Hello people, An HR tech startup based in Berlin that seeks to automate the reference checking process, has raised $ 3 million in seed funding.

Round leading Matias Ljungman’s MoonfireWith participation from Capnamic Ventures, and Cherry Ventures. It follows a $ 1.1 million pre-seed in late 2019. In particular, the seed round was completely remote closed, with no person-to-meeting. The founders of Jacob Gilman and Sebastian Schuler told me in an email, “Like the HiPipe clients’ hiring processes.”

HiPeople says the investment will be used to support growth so that more recruiters can hire the remote using automatic reference checks. For a long time, the company has been developing a candidate analytics platform to provide rich data and insights on each candidate and enable it as “data-driven” hiring.

“Hype people, basically speaking, are in the talent business,” says Gilman and Schuler. “It is the mission that talent is able to hire better by automatically collecting and analyzing data and providing rich insights. HiPeople currently solves this by automating context checking from request to request, collect, and analyze. This allows companies to expand the information given on a candidate without additional manual work ”.

The idea behind Software-as-in-Service is that HiPeople’s approach creates a seamless user experience for recruiters, and “verified, in-depth context checks that they can trust”. As a result, startups claim that their users collect, on average, 2x references on a candidate, 50% of the time. “Traditionally, reference manuals are underlined due to excessive manual processing, and are often used exclusively only for executive recruitment. HiPeople dusts off references, and enables rich talent by telling them how they are done, ”said HiPeople’s founders.

HighPower’s customers spread rapidly growing startups to tech scale-ups and more established upper-mid-market companies. For example, process mining company Salonis, which doubled its workforce in the past 12 months to 1,200 employees globally, uses HiPeople to improve the quality of roles in San Francisco, Munich and Tokyo. “By programmatically conducting reference checks the company hires talent based on verified insights on topics such as improvement, skills, teamwork style, or work values,” HiPeople explains.

Adds Matias Lajungman of Moonfire: “Workflow automation of repetitive processes, and insight on a candidate going beyond the boundaries of CVE, is a clear pain for anyone in recruitment. The Kovid-influenced reality of remote work, therefore, remote hiring practices have increased the complexity of finding the right talent. HiPeople created a way to enable anyone who is working to make better decisions, to improve processes and to increase hiring velocity ”.

Gilman and Schuler tell me that in Europe, HiPeople primarily compete with existing infrastructure and recruiters to manually use reference checks. In the US, companies such as Xref or Crosscheck are more direct competitors in terms of automating reference checks.