Healthvana’s digital COVID-19 vaccination records are about communication, not passports for the immune – TechCrunch

As the vaccination campaign to counter COVID-19 is underway (with a rocky start), many companies are attempting to support its rollout in various ways. Healthvana, A health tech startup that began with a special focus on digitally providing patient information for individuals living with HIV, is using the Apple Wallet technology to roll out the Los Angeles County roll-out for COVID-19 Mobile immunization is helping the record. A cursory assessment of the implementation of this technique can convince an individual that it is about providing easy evidence of vaccination to individuals – but the technology, and HealthWana, are focused on ensuring that individuals Participate in your healthcare programs, not provide immune system. pass.

“I usually see and feel most healthcare just like Windows 95,” said Healthwana CEO and founder Ramin Basti. “We see and feel instagram . Why is that important? Because patients can engage in the things that they understand, it is easier for them to communicate in the way they are used to communicating and this gives them better health outcomes. “

Bisani explains that he started the company with a focus on this approach to patient education and communication on HIV, and demonstrated that using his software resulted in patients being 7.4 times more likely to show patients versus their next follow-up appointment. Likely, patients who follow-up information and appointment notices through traditional methods. The company has built its tooling and its approach to not only building better health for individuals, but also on reducing costs by eliminating the need for a lot of work for healthcare providers to remove misunderstandings Go for, and essentially do hounding to follow patients. Above, which can significantly dig into physician and care staff hours.

“We’re really reducing costs for healthcare providers, because you don’t have 1,000 people asking you what their results are, and saying ‘I don’t understand, I don’t log in Can’t, I don’t know. Bastar said it means SARS being nonreactive. “” That’s a huge difference. Overall, I think the key to all health services is to pay attention to patients and act on things around their health Is going to be able to do. “

HealthVana’s partnership with LA County also targets COVID-19 immunization records – taking vitally important actions to ensure the successful rollout of its vaccination program. All approved COVID-19 vaccines require two-course treatment, including an initial vaccination, to be administered by a booster sometime later. LA County residents reported their COVID-19 vaccination, and when they are due to a second dose, the partnership has a primary purpose, and benefits from HealthWana’s experience in improving patient follow-up activities. But the app is providing users with information about COVID-19 care, and, most useful, ways to slow down prevention and dissemination.

While Bastani says that HealthWana is, in the end, just the “last mile” for message delivery, and determining the right steps for proper care and prevention involves many other layers, the way those actionable information is already Only provide. Proved to be a major boon for one major measure: contact tracing. In select municipalities, Healthvana will also prompt users who have tested positive to anonymously notify direct contact from their device, which will provide those individuals with both free trial options and information resources.

“Just doing this in the Los Angeles area for less than two months has informed 12,000+ people that they have been exposed,” Bastani said. “Each of them likely lives with other people and families – in this way you can help slow the spread.”

Conversely, with the exposure notification tools built into iOS being relatively slow Android Devices that have been operating in a rare association through a recent software update by Google and Apple. While the technology that underlies it is sound, and focuses on user privacy, the number of its uses is thus far away from earthquakes; In college 388 people have sent an alert through Virginia app based on the exposure notification framework in three months For example since its launch.

HealthWana’s focus on the timely and relevant distribution of information, offering users the ways they are likely to understand and engage, has already demonstrated its potential to impact COVID-19 and its community broadcasting Have been. The startup is already in talks to launch similar programs elsewhere in the country, and may help improve the results of national immunization, and how people handle COVID-19 once, They also know.