Google vs Bing: How the Search Giants Stack Up

Google vs Bing: How the Search Giants Stack Up

When it comes to optimizing a website, SEO professionals usually focus on Google. After all, it is the most popular search engine in the world.

But what about Microsoft Bing? Is it customizable for your site too?

Let’s see how these two search giants, Microsoft Bing (just ‘Bing rebranded in October 2020) and Google, compare.

Google vs Microsoft Bing Market Share

The first difference between Microsoft Bing and Google is market share. According to Statista, in February 2021, Bing accounted for 6.7% of the global search market, while Google took 86.6%.

it is too big.

And while this may make it attractive to focus on Google alone, Microsoft Bing offers good conversions and has a user base that should not be overlooked.

6.7% of those search users are millions of people who use Microsoft Bing every day.


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Optimizing for Bing is especially important if you are targeting an American audience. In fact, one-third of online queries in the US are powered by Microsoft properties when you factor in Yahoo and voice search.

Some years have wondered if there is a brief description for BingBecause it’s not google“I’m not sure how true this is, but the name comes from a campaign for its predecessor Live Search in the early 1990s.

Another interesting news is that recently Ahrefs did a study on the top 100 Bing searches globally and the # 1 query was discovered [Google].

Comparing the functionality of Google vs Microsoft Bing

From the standpoint of search functionality, the two search engines are similar, but Google provides more salient features:

Feature Google Microsoft bing
text search Yes Yes
Video search Yes Yes
image search Yes Yes
MAPS Yes Yes
News Yes Yes
Shopping Yes Yes
The books Yes No
Ticket Yes No
Finance Yes No
Scholarly literature Yes No

How Google and Microsoft Differ in Size of Bing Index and Crawling

Google says:


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“The Google Search Index contains hundreds of billions of webpages and is over 100,000,000 gigabytes in size.”

Even, Google cannot crawl the entire web. He just is not going to happen.

This is why it is so important to use structured data. It provides a data feed about your content so that Google can understand it better, which can help you qualify for rich results and get more clicks and impressions.

Microsoft Bing has not released similar figures. However, the website that estimates this search engine index size places the Microsoft Bing Index at somewhere between 8 and 14 billion web pages.

Both engines have shared little about their approach to web indexing.

Microsoft Bing says:

“Bingbot uses an algorithm to determine which sites to crawl, how often and how many pages to fetch from each site. The goal is to ensure that Bingbot crawls reduce footprints on your web sites while fresh content is available. “

Around the same time the above statement was made, John Muller from Google said:

“I think the hard part here is that we don’t crawl URLs of the same frequency all the time. So some URLs we will crawl everyday. Some URLs are probably weekly. Other URLs are in every month, maybe once every half year. Bar. So this is something for which we try to find the right balance, so that we do not overload your server.

Google has a mobile-first index, while Microsoft Bing takes a different approach and does not plan to implement a mobile-first indexing policy.

Instead, Microsoft Bing maintains a single index that is optimized for both desktop and mobile, so it’s important to ensure that your site experience is optimized, loads quickly, and gives users what they need.

Google has evolved into just one search engine with products like Gmail, Maps, Chrome OS, Android OS, YouTube and more.

Microsoft Bing also offers services through Outlook, as well as other services such as Office Online or OneDrive.


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However, unlike Google, it does not have its own operating system. Instead, it uses Windows Phone 8 or iOS on Apple devices.

Now, let’s take a look at where Bing is with Google – or the best.

Difference in user interface and tools

Google has a clean, simple interface that many people find easy to use.

Microsoft Bing does, however; In my opinion, Bing is actually a bit more visual.


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Both search engines display useful information about related searches, images, companies and news and do a great job of informing users about everything they need to know about a given topic.

Microsoft Bing Seach

SEO professionals love our tools and data.

Thankfully, both Google and Microsoft Bing have good keyword research tools that provide insight into performance:

Google vs Microsoft Bing: a detailed comparison of the two search engines

One area where I think Google lags behind is the data that Google provides in Search Console. If you want to learn how to use it, see How to Use Google Search Console for Google: A Complete Guide.


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A cool feature set in Microsoft Bing is the ability to import data from Google Search Console:

Bing Webmaster Tools.

Another Microsoft Bing feature that I think Google beats is the fact that it provides SEO reports.

According to Bing, these reports include general page-level recommendations based on SEO best practices to improve your ranking.

The report is automatically generated biovacally and suggests what to work on or what to pay attention to.

Microsoft Bing SEO Report.

See a complete guide to Bing Webmaster Tools to learn more.


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Microsoft Bing May Excel In Image Search Over Google

When it comes to image search, Microsoft Bing can set foot on Google by providing high-quality images.

I also like the filtering features in its image search, as you can turn off the title and search by image size, color, or type.

Microsoft Binge Image Search.

Test Bing visual image search, which allows you to do more with images. Check your library of special skills to help identify your shop, landmarks and animals, or just to have fun.


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Then, see how Bing’s image and video algorithm works to learn more.

Google has more images available to view than Microsoft Bing. Make the most of it with Google’s advanced image search tips from A Guide.

However, Microsoft Bing provides more detailed information about the image users are looking for.

Google Image Search.

How Microsoft Bing and Google Handle Video Search

Microsoft Bing provides a much more visual video search result page, including a grid view of large thumbnails.


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Google’s video results are more standard, with a vertical list of smaller thumbnails.

Microsoft Bing also provides a preview of some videos and clicking on them does not take you away from Bing, which is good. From my point of view, this video provides a lot of detail in the results.

As you can see from the screenshot of a film search below, they include ratings and reviews, as well as the cast and even where you can watch the film, which is great.

Microsoft Bing Video Search

I did not get this experience with Google Video Search.


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This is one area where Microsoft Bing certainly outperforms Google.

Google video search

Map listings on both Search Engine Matter for Local SEO

Both engines have the same functionality for maps, including map listings and local listings in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Make sure you claim all of your listings in both Microsoft Bing and Google and optimize your profile with business information, photos, appropriate categories, and links.


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Exact name, address and phone number (NAP) information are prominent.

See a complete guide to Google Maps marketing.

Google Search vs Microsoft Bing Optimization

Google is primarily concerned with EAT: expertise, authority and trust.

Google searches are powered by machine-based algorithms that take users’ previous search history and location into account when creating results.

This means that if a particular user wants to search for something specific on Google, it will be a lot easier than Microsoft Bing because Google has a complete picture of the person who is in the browser before writing anything.

Google has always been a link-oriented search engine in which link quality still matters rather than quantity. Links are not as important on Microsoft Bing.

In my opinion, Microsoft Bing has always focused on on-page optimization. This places more weight on well-optimized content, or that includes important on-page elements such as titles, descriptions, URLs, and content.


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Unlike Google, Microsoft Bing states in its webmaster guidelines that it incorporates social signals into its algorithm. This means that you should also focus on Twitter and Facebook – including building good quality content on your site and social platforms – if you want to rank high in Microsoft Bing.

Content is extremely important for both search engines. Always focus on high quality content that meets the informational need of the user. By creating useful and relevant content, users will naturally like and link to it.

So, for example, if I am looking for cars, you should show me valuable material on the subject: how can I buy a car, cost, maintenance, how is the shopping experience, etc.

Speed, mobile-friendliness and proper technical infrastructure are both important for both engines. However, Microsoft Bing focuses more on anchor text usage. Bing is known for rewarding sites with anchor text for a page title that was devalued by Google several years ago.

Make sure you check these resources for optimizing different search engines:


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Google Search vs Microsoft Bing: The Verdict

Microsoft Bing and Google both serve the information needs of millions of people every day.

They both provide opportunities for your brand to reach new users and put you in front of millions of qualified customers who are looking for information, products and services.

Optimization is the same for both search engines. Microsoft Bing focuses more on page-optimization and incorporates social signals, while Google focuses more on EAT and links.

Microsoft Bing has certainly improved over the past year and is more competitive with Google, especially in its unique features.

This is why I recommend optimizing for both to reach the lion’s share of Internet searches and to maximize visibility.

more resources:


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