Google unveils $25 million in grants aimed at empowering women and girls – TechCrunch

Google on Monday announced a series of $ 25 million programs to finance the work of nonprofits and social enterprises committed to empowering women and girls.’s new Impact challengeGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai said at a virtual event, unveiled on Internet Women’s Day, which aims to remove systemic barriers and inequalities, so that women have the opportunity to build economic equality, financial freedom and advance entrepreneurship meet.

Jacqueline Fuller, president of, said, “Whatever these teams want, we are going with them and will help fulfill their vision.” The company said it would accept applications from teams around the world by 9 April.

Fuller also announced that is going to invest an additional $ 1 million to help ineligible women in India. Even though India is the second largest internet market in the world, women make up a small percentage of online users in the country.

Five years ago, Google launched a program Internet partner To bring internet literacy to women in rural parts of India. The company said the program, for which it together with the Indian conglomerate Tata, helped improve women’s participation on the Indian Internet.

Four out of 10 Internet users in rural India are now women, Google said, one in 10 in 2015. The company, citing its own research, said the Internet Sathi program benefitted more than 30 million women in India – and is now concluding that the program focused on other efforts to continue this mission.

Sanjay Gupta, head of Google India at the event, said, “The event created an impressive impact.”

But Sapna Chadha, Google’s senior marketing director in India and South East Asia, said that online “is not enough progress”. “Women in India have traditionally been held back by economic participation.”

The company has partnered with the Nascom Foundation, the social arm of the influential Indian business group, to bring digital and financial literacy to 100,000 women farmers in India, and create a program called “Women Will” to enable and support 1 million women entrepreneurs Has been.

As part of the Women’s Will program, Chadha unveiled a Store website He said that tutorials, professional ideas and other opportunities in English and Hindi languages ​​would be facilitated.

Google is also working on introducing a new feature on the Google Pay app, which will allow entrepreneurs to show their business pages within the paid app at no charge. Chadha said that women entrepreneurs can now choose to highlight that their business is led by a woman or women in Google search and Google Maps listings.

Minister of Women and Child Development, Smriti Irani, an official of the Government of India, said, “I call upon you to unite to create a future that we can all be proud of – a future where any of our daughters of their gender Not burdened. ” , In the event.