Google: Sites Can Safely Display Pop-Ups On Temporary Basis

Google: Sites Can Safely Display Pop-Ups On Temporary Basis

Google’s John Mueller states that sites may display pop-ups without being affected by mobile interstitial penalties, unless the pop-up is temporary.

Since the interim penalty for intrusions was introduced in 2016, Google’s term has been to avoid the risk of showing pop-ups to mobile visitors or devaluing your pages in search.

Now we have learned that it is safe to display pop-ups on mobile, at least for a limited time frame.

The list of priorities for Google’s web spam team is not to overdo intrusive interference, Mueller says.

This topic has been brought up during the Google Search Central Office Time Stream held on January 22. A question is submitted to the site owner, who asks about using mobile pop-ups for a limited period to take the lead.


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The site owner wants to run a survey for a week and directs visitors’ attention to it with a pop-up.

Can a site do this without devaluing the search results?

Here Muller says.

Google’s John Muller on Pop-up and Mobile Search

Mueller states that it is unlikely that a site will be devalued in search results to temporarily display pop-ups to mobile visitors.

Even if Google devalued the site, it would not be removed from the search results. This may end the ranking despite pop-ups.

Referred to as interstitial “penalty” is more than a subtle ranking factor, Mueller explains. Microscopically, it may rely to some extent against a site in Google’s search rankings.


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If you are going to use a mobile pop-up, Müller advises not to leave it for long and not show it to every visitor to your site.

“I don’t think we will punish a website for anything like this. The web spam team has other things than punishing the website for popping up.

There are two aspects that can come into play. On the one hand we have the policy of interstate interstate on mobile, so that there may be something to watch out for that you don’t keep it too long or show it to everyone all the time.

With that policy it is more of a subtle ranking factor that we use to adjust rankings if we notice that there is no useful content on the page when we load it. This is something that can come into play, but it is something else that will be a temporary thing. “

Say you start showing pop-ups to mobile visitors, and intend to do so for a shorter time frame, but Google takes the signal too far. what happens then?

This is not something that will count against your site permanently. Mueller says that Google will move on when your site comes back again and the pop-up has been removed.

“If you have this survey on your site for a week or two, during that time we can pick up that signal, we can respond to that signal, and then if you have removed it, we are obligatory Can proceed with form. So it is not that there is going to be a lasting impact.

Finally, Mueller states that sites may run into problems if they display pop-ups in exchange for appropriate content. This is not the best to do because Google will index the content in the pop-up that will hurt rankings.


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“Another aspect you want to see is if you are showing pop-ups instead of your normal content then we will index the contents of the pop-up. If you are showing pop-ups other than existing content, which seems like the case, then we will still index the existing content and it will be fine. “

Listen to the full question and answer in the video below: