Google Says There's No Limit on Title Tag Length

Google Says There’s No Limit on Title Tag Length

Gary Illyes shared how lengthy title tags can be during the Google Podcast of the Record podcast. He then explained what the best title tag is.

How long should the title tag be?

Title tags are technically measured in pixels. It is generally recommended that title tags are fifty to seventy characters long.

Those character limits are based on how titles display on desktop and mobile devices.

Title tags displayed by Google in search engine result pages (SERPs) will be shown as truncated, meaning that no full title tag in SERPs will be read if it is longer than this. About 70 characters.

Many SEO and SEO websites recommend a title tag length of about 50 to 70 characters as this is what Google shows in SERPs.


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But that is nothing that Google suggests to the SEO community. The length from 50 to length characters for the title is something that the SEO community has invented as a standard that Google is capable of displaying.

But they are capable of showing performance limitations to mobile and desktop browsers.

Title tag length recommendations are not for ranking purposes

No one at Google has stated that there are 40 to 70 character limits that Google’s ranking algorithm is limited to indexing for ranking purposes.

So it makes no sense to accept the advice of limiting the title tag to 70 characters for purposes of ranking when this recommendation is displayed.

You can search around and you will see that 70 characters is the recommended limit for the title tag.

SEO Industry Recommended Title Tag Length

Socks tag recommended

Moses recommends the title tag length be 50 – 60 characters, but Moses correctly notes that there is no real limit to how many characters can be used.


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Optimal title length
Google usually displays the first 50-60 characters of the title tag. If you keep your titles below 60 characters, our research suggests that you can expect to display approximately 90% of your titles properly.

There is no exact character limit, as characters can vary in width and Google’s display titles can be (currently) at a maximum of 600 pixels. “

Ahrefs title tag recommendation

Ahrefs recommends that title tags remain within 50 to 60 characters, with no warning that there are any actual character limits as Mozzes has recorded.

“Google starts cutting title tags in SERPs after about 50-60 characters. (Well, it’s actually based on pixels, but 50-60 characters is a good rule of thumb.)

So keep your title tag around this length.

SEMRush recommends limited title tag length

SEMRush goes one step further and recommends limiting title tag length for “effectiveness”.

Limit the size of your title tag
The most effective title tags are approximately 10–70 characters long. These include locations so keep this in mind when coming with your title tag.

If it is too long, the title tag will be cut off from the display that does not reveal the full message. “

Google’s Gary Ilyles on length of optimal title tag

Google’s John Muller asked Gary Ilyas about the length of the title tag.

John Mueller:

“I have a question, maybe, it’s just a yes or no thing, Gary. “Is there any value that Title Tags that are longer than the display space and its squares? “

Gary Illyes gives a straightforward answer without any hedging or ambiguity as to whether there is any value in having a long title tag.

Gary Ellis replied:


After some lighthouse between Martin Split, Gary and Mueller, the question was revisited.

Martin Split asked:

“Asking Christina if we Title Tag length can get the answer, a reason for Gary. “

Gary noted his original answer that the length of the title tag that is commonly recommended is something that comes from outside of Google.

Gary Ellis:

Title Length, it is an externally constructed matrix. “

They soon returned to answer the question after some attempts at humor and general restraint between Gary and Martin.


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Gary Illyes explains why he doesn’t recommend the length of the title tag

In his reply, Gary Illiles mentions “Tokenizing”, but without explaining what it means. Understanding the token will help in understanding its answer.

Tokenation is something that is done in natural language processing and information retrieval. It is a way of editing a document into chunks which makes it easier to understand what the sentence and words mean. Some breaks are sentences and some breaks are single words.

Stanford University defines the token in this way:

“Given a character sequence and a defined document unit, the act of cutting tokens into pieces, called tokens, is probably throwing some characters at the same time, such as punctuation.

These tokens are often referred to as words or words, but sometimes it is important to distinguish a type / token.

A token is an example of a sequence of characters in certain documents that are grouped together as a useful semantic unit for processing. A type is a class of all tokens with the same character sequence. “


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Now that we have a light understanding of the token, we can make more sense about Gary’s answer.

One last thing though, Gary mentions a “manual action”. Manual action is a penalty given by Google that may prevent a page from ranking.

Gary Ellis:

“The reason that I try to get people away from thinking about solid numbers is not just how we display the title, but also how we build our serving index and we page How to token

Technically, there is a limit, such as how long it can be in the page, but it is not a small number. It is 160 characters or 100– 200, 20, or whatever.

Following are Gary with advice on the title tag:

“Try to keep it accurate on the page, but I don’t think too much about how long it is and whether it’s too long or too long.

If it fills your screen, it’s probably too long, but if it’s just a sentence that fits on a line or two, then you don’t have to take manual action for it. “


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Google does not recommend a title tag size

Nowhere in Google’s webmaster and developer title tag support pages does Google recommend an optimal title tag size.

Recommendations for placing title tags under seventy characters have long originated outside of Google, they are not a recommendation from Google.

Google’s official statement is that there is no limit (per Gary Ilies). Google’s official recommendation should be descriptive and concise. Concierge means saying the most with the least words, being precise in the use of words and avoiding being anxious.

According to Google’s official title tag developer support page:

“Titles are important to give users a quick insight into the content of a result and why it is relevant to their query.

The page title should be descriptive and concise. Avoid vague descriptions such as “home” for your home page, or “profile” for a specific person’s profile.

Avoid unnecessarily long or verbose titles, which are less likely to show up in search results. “


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Best Title Tag Length

According to Google’s Gary Ilys and Google’s official documentation, it is necessary to use as many words as are necessary to communicate about a page. When writing title tags, it is also important to be clear about how that title tag can appear when displayed in SERPs.

Taking everything together is probably safe to secure the title tag in a concise and precise way and how it will appear in SERPs and affect clicks, as Google’s Developer Support page advises.

However, if the branding at the end of your company name or title tag pushes more than 70 characters, there is nothing to worry about that artificial 70 character title tag limit.

Despite the title tag being displayed, Google will still keep the entire title tag in mind.


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