Google now gives you more information about the sites in your search results – TechCrunch

Google regularly tweaks its search results pages and tries out new designs. This is not the case, however, as it adds new features to those results, so when it does, it is worth noting.

Today, Google is adding a new menu item to almost all search results in the US on mobile, desktop and its Android Google app. This new link will provide searchers with more information about the site they are about to visit – and before clicking on the actual link.

Clicking on the new hamburger-style menu icon will pop up a new info panel with additional information about the site. These include a brief description about the site — taken from Wikipedia when available — and some data about the site’s connections being secured.

Image Credit: Google

For sites without a Wikipedia entry, Google will show when it first makes the site and other data available.

There is also a full link and a short line about whether it is an original search result or an ad (which seems like a silent entry that it is very difficult to distinguish ads from regular search results on Google). At the bottom of the pane, a lecturer is told about the link to your privacy settings and ‘how it works’.

Image Credit: Google

“When you search for information Google, You often get results from sources you’re familiar with: major retailer websites, national news sites, and more, “Google Product Manager JK Kearns writes in today’s announcement. “But there is also a lot of information and services available from sites that have not come to you before,” he said. And when you can always use Google To do some additional research about those sites, we are working on a new way to find useful information for you without having to do another search. “

This new feature will start today and as usual, it may take some time before you can see it in your own search results.

Image Credit: Google