Google CEO slammed by AI ethics researcher for blaming public feud on transparency

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has credited the company’s transparency over Tim Ethrib’s mobilization, rebuking AI moralists.

Gabru Controversial exit An outcry ensued in the company about diversity and ethics which is no sign of showing off.

The influential computer scientist lost her job in December after a co-author dispute over a research paper.

Pichai apologized for his departure, expressing displeasure, which caused employees to “question his place on Google.”

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At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum on Thursday, They said The controversy garnered so much attention due to Google’s high level of transparency:

We are a lot more transparent than most other companies, and so you see us in the middle of these issues. But I take it as a sign that we allow debate around this area. And we need to get better as a company, we are committed to doing this, but I look at the situation how we approach it and I am convinced of the effort we are putting into it And we have a commitment to do better here over time.

Gabru supported her comments in a series of tweets. He called Pichai “a leader in gaslighting” and accused the company’s leadership team of creating a “hostile work environment”.

While Pichai’s praise of Google’s transparency seems more like a spin than substance, he is right that the controversy has become unusually public. But this is almost certainly due to growing internal dissatisfaction about diversity and ethics at Google.

Gabru has become a powerful symbol of discontent, which is likely to last several months to come.

Published January 29, 2021 – 18:54 UTC