Goodbye Flash, goodbye FarmVille – TechCrunch

While a lot that was created in 2020, such absolute nightmares will still be with us on January 1 (sorry!), We really, really will become Adobe! Chamak And Farmville as we enter the new year.

It’s been a long time since the end of Flash arrived. The plugin, first released in 1996 and once supported a wide swat online content, has become increasingly irrelevant in the smartphone-centric world: iPhones have never supported Flash, and it It’s been just over 10 years since Steve Jobs, then CEO of Apple. Published an open letter Underlining technology shortcomings.

Adobe has announced at the end of 2017 that it will Flash out by the end of this year. Most web browsers have already stopped supporting Flash, and today is the official expiration date, along with support for Adobe – although there is still one last “death of Flash” milestone on January 12, when the company Flash Will stop the content from playing.

In related news, Jinga Recently announced The end of Flash will also mean the end of FarmVille, as the game relies on the Flash plugin.

Like Flash, Farmville feels like a relic of a bygone Internet era (a fact that I find incredibly old, since I wrote a lot of words about both of them at the beginning of my career). Farmville’s popularity began in 2009 Paved the way for Zynga and Facebook Gaming to climb, But has both Zynga and Gaming Progressed substantially.

Co-founder and former CEO of the company Mark pinkus Recalled on the occasion of A series of tweets Designing the initial development of the game (Due to the acquisition of startup MyMiniLife).

“Farmville demonstrated that a game can be a living, always-on service that can deliver daily surprises and joy, similar to a live TV series,” Pincus wrote. “Games can also connect groups of people and bring them closer.”

And just in case any Farmville fans are reading this story, don’t worry: you can still play Farmville 2: Tropic Escape, Farmville 2: Escape from the Country Right Now, and Farmville 3 is still coming to mobile . Today is just the last day for the original game.