Glia raises $78M for its integrated, hands-on, AI-based customer service platform – TechCrunch

The ongoing push for social disturbances to slow the spread of Kovid-19 means that more people than ever are using Internet-based services to get things done. And it is having a direct impact on digital customer service, which is seeing unprecedented traffic and demand when things are not going smoothly. Today, one of the startups that is building an interesting, very “hands-on” approach is announcing a round of funding to expand its business to address that problem.

glia, Which has created a platform that not only helps integrate and manage the various customer support channels, but also helps agents regularly find the customer’s app or web page to help customers find things or fix issues But also provides the tool to bring it on, announcing today that it has chosen $ 78 million, a c. C. Dan Michelli, co-founder and chief executive officer based out of New York (the company also has substantial operations in Estonia), said it would be used to develop its technology and expand inbound addresses. Interest for its services after seeing 150% growth in its revenue in 2020.

The company’s original focus was around financial services and it counts a large base of customers in that area, but it is also seeing a lot of activity in insurance, as well as education, retail and other categories, Michaels said.

“We are in great demand and it is incredible to see how businesses want to adopt us now,” he said in an interview. ‘”” The plan is on a significant scale and continues to define and meet the demand for digital customer service. ” The increasingly consolidated market appears to be the company likely to use some of the funds for the acquisition.

The round is being led by Insight Partners, which was also attended by Don Brown (an entrepreneur in the world of customer service, his company Interactive Intelligence has acquired $ 1.4 billion by Genesys).

Glia is not disclosing other investors, but past backers include Tola Capital, Temperity Capital, Grace Creek and Wildcat Capital, as well as Insight. Earlier, the company, which has been around since 2012 and was formerly known as CellMove, raised just $ 28 million and was valued at a modest $ 69 million. According to the pitchbook data (And it is not disclosing the assessment today).

While there are a lot of customer service startups on the market today, and many of them are seeing huge growth in their business, and even some consolidation as others snap technology to make sure they have Your own customer service strategies are the right direction. (Facebook witness of all companies Getting omnichannel customer support and CRM leader Kustomer For $ 1 billion in November.)

Glia is not unlike many of the new guards at these companies, with its focus very easily being able to provide a platform capable of managing and interacting with the digital channel used by the customer. Glia, I should point out, means “gum” in Greek.

What happens is Glia is quite interesting and apart from these, there are some twists used by users to engage. One of these is to be able to give agents the ability to actually get on the user’s screen, to direct the user around the screen, and to see what the user is doing on that screen .

To be clear, the connection and ability to track what the user is doing is just on screen, and this is done with the user’s awareness of what is going on. In the demo of the service I went through, it is a very smooth service, which reminded me of some things like Clippy in Microsoft Word.

In addition, Glia provides agents with tools to use questions to ask them, phrasing to answer, and links to answers, and Glia Virtual to help with more basic questions Also develops customer service assistants. They also have the ability to interact with the screen of people when they make contact with a company. This effect helps the company find out what happens on a remote screen through computer vision to combine multiple technologies in one place through natural language (and in some cases running) customer service responses To know, fundamental CRM technology to run those services across multiple platforms.

While screen sharing is a well-used tool in other fields – for example in workforce collaboration environments, or to be presented online – Glia is seen as a leader in leveraging customer service. For investors, interest in Glia has been to tap into it.

In a statement, Insight Partners managing director Lon Geoff said, “We are proud to expand our investment in Glia as the company continues to lead the development of digital customer service for businesses around the world.” “Glia’s platform provides businesses with the modern technology needed to meet customers in their digital journey and communicate through the customer’s channel of choice. With this capital, the company will continue to skyrocket and its demand will continue to skyrocket. “

We are at a critical moment of digital transformation in customer services. Surprisingly, there are still many people who choose to call to ask questions, but as Michelli said, these days, when they are still using the phone, the customer “is in front of them Screen “.

Brown believes this is his second chance to seize. “Many companies are still focusing on ancient, on-premises telephony systems to make contact centers focused on the cloud,” a statement said. “Instead, businesses can leapfrog this process and move directly to a digital-first cloud approach by partnering with Glia. If I were to build interactive intelligence for today’s contact centers, I would have adopted Glia’s approach.