GitHub’s head of HR resigns in light of termination of Jewish employee – TechCrunch

In GitHub’s internal investigation, the company has revealed “significant errors in decision and process” Firing of jewish staff Who warned his colleagues about the presence of the Nazis in the DC area on the day of the uprising in the US Capitol.

In a blog post today, GitHub COO Erica Brescia said HR’s head of the company took full responsibility for whatever happened and resigned from the company yesterday.

“In light of these findings, we immediately reversed the decision to separate with the employee and are communicating with his representative,” Brescia said in a blog post. “The employee we want to say publicly: We sincerely apologize.”

The day a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, an anxious GitHub employee warned his co-workers in the DC area to be safe.

After making a comment in Slack, “Be safe homosexuals are about Nazis”, a fellow employee took offense, saying that that type of rhetoric was not good for work, the former employee told me. Two days later, he was fired, with a human relations representative citing “a pattern of behavior that is not conducive to company policy” as a justification for his termination, he told me.

In an interview with TechCrunch earlier this week, the now-former employee said he was genuinely concerned about his co-workers in the area, in addition to members of his Jewish family. During that interview, he stated that he would not be interested in getting his job back, but would be interested in other forms of cohesion.