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Just finished a twitter space session. It is an attractive platform, somewhat clunky in the feature set but easily a tie to the clubhouse. I don’t see it as a horse race, though, putting the supporting teams off a stage where the two key players will be. Like notifications in iOS and Android, the feature set is a push and pull speed where Android provides deeper functionality and Apple optionally pulls forward and reinforces the benefits. Although details may vary, effectively combined energy of 100 percent of the consumer base mandates best practices and opportunities for innovation.

Something similar is happening in Washington as Democrats have tested their epidemic stimulus bill by a majority vote. The headline in the Times says that bipartisanship is dead, but subordination is the real story. The fight for control of the Senate is closing in on the mysterious mob of filibusters, or what passes for it after the original whistleblowing Republican whistle, you leave Jimmy Stewart’s croaking as Mrs. Smith. Go to Washington.

The Teltail Giveaway is Senator Lindsey Graham, who complains that Democrats are steamrolling the COVID Rescue Bill without a Republican vote “because they can.” The real bipartisanship is between progressives and moderates in the Democratic Party, as West Virginia senators may moderate one aspect of the bill to receive the award of something signed by the president. This not only establishes Biden’s power to govern but it also provides a roadmap to justify the need to change the filibuster equation.

Notice how Bid changed the topic from the Bipartisan talks to the power play. He used the election to squeeze out Republican moderates, where he feared the most, the primary fight for control of the House. The vaccine wave is making political firewalls almost impossible; The anti-masked mandate looks like an uproar as people are expected to get out of the gridlock without a partisan impasse. As we reach the end of May, it will be difficult to run to the stage of denial and death.

The rule of success underlines the logic that government does not work. The issue needs to be worked out to break the filibuster’s back as the government must find a way to let it work in a bipartisan manner. This brings us back to changing the definition of bipartisan as evidence in the technology field. In the Apple / Android example, the two viable units bring different strengths that insure the ability to survive long enough to govern. The network effect in advertising can be challenged by Google’s lock and “free” services focused on Apple’s privacy and hardware revenue base, but the net effect is to cancel each other’s weaknesses due to the market force of their positions. Bipartisan cleverness is that each platform has a major customer.

In the same vein, Twitter v. The clubhouse is not really the point. Surely we fight startup V. Can accept as incumbent: The clubhouse is filled with an inherent tension with unicorn celebrities and rockstar investors and the media, with Twitter rapidly chasing the protector with the advantages of its natural social graph and scalability and Is struggling with fear. Abandoning projects before they flourish. The question begs: what is the nature of the bipartisan agreement that will ensure both end winners?

The answer is how to make each player the best customer of the other. Twitter’s problem is the focus, and harnessing the power of users to hack the system and the company’s advantage. @Mention retweeted Retweet, providing analytics that drive Twitter’s indelible social graph. Instagram may be Facebook’s best attempt so far to challenge the fundamental strategic value that the former president dominated, but the clubhouse promises to do a big step better with mainstream media hybrids and a Warholsk Generating the factory engine that creates new stars and media. This in turn escapes through entertainment interruption due to the realization of streaming. What exactly is this NXT thing about?

So the clubhouse has to open up its ability to multitask with Twitter and other curated social graphs. Facebook is different from Twitter’s butt as a source for clubhouse notifications and suggested conversations, but patching in the sharing icon on iOS will provide enough access to blank out Twitter’s original integration. On the other hand, Twitter’s review newsletter tool, using its drag and drop tool, presents an opportunity to mine the raging newsletter boom, bringing not only the default social network citation, but the social graph inherent to curated editorial rockstars. . Not only is the signal audience impressive for advertisers, but these same brands will prove to be the most attractive to clubhouse listeners who are looking for value. Won.

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