Get one of these language learning apps during this early Presidents’ Day sale

Get one of these language learning apps during this early President's Day sale

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TLDR: Enjoy some of the year’s best prices on some of the world’s top language learning apps in honor of President’s Day.

Before the dawn of history, someone began associating the President’s Day holiday with sales. No one is sure where or how it all started. Perhaps it was just another excuse for retailers to make a few extra bucks. But if you are looking for deals on a recliner or a mattress, then you know that weekend honors George, Honest Abe and the rest of our founding fathers are the time to get out and hunt.

Thankfully, TNW Deals just wants to put awesome sales items on its feet. In that spirit, Sales is putting some of the world’s best language learning apps on holiday, at its lowest prices of the year. In addition to their already large savings, you can save an additional 15 percent on all these offers by adding code PREZ2021 (some exclusions apply) during checkout.

1. Babel Language Learning

With a score of 4.5 out of 5 and 4.7 out of nearly 800,000 Google and Apple reviewers, Babel is one of the world’s best-liked language systems. Packed in 10-15 minute short lessons that can fit anywhere in your day, Babel’s No 1 rated approach allows you to speak confidently in one of 14 different languages ​​in just 30 days.

bring Babel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription For $ 299 (Reg. $ 399).

2. MosaLingua Language Learning Flow Bundle

With a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from 10 million users worldwide and Apple and Google users, MosaLingua is a personal language learning tool that adjusts your skill level. This all-in-one approach uses language immersion and other strategies to help users learn and remember 6,000 different keywords and expressions for their living conditions.

bring MosaLingua Language Learning Flow Bundle After promo code PREZ2021 (Reg. $ 4,850) for $ 83.30.

3. Beelinguapp Language Learning App

With Bellinguapp, reading is the key to language learning. They show you the same lesson in English and the language you are learning shoulder to shoulder, then you are recorded by a native language speaker so that you know how the words are pronounced. It is a great way to pick one of 14 different languages, karaoke style.

bring Beelinguapp Language Learning App After Promo Code PREZ2021 (Reg. $ 100) for $ 33.99.

4. QLango Language Games

QLango is how you turn learning a language into a fun, yet challenging game. With more than 30 languages ​​available, the system guides learners through all kinds of interactive games that create writing, reading and listening in a new language, like a high score on Candy Crush.

bring QLango language games: lifetime membership For $ 38.25 after promo code PREZ2021 (Reg. $ 90).

5. Fluent City: 10-week language learning course

Fluent City Personal Language Training is designed just for you. These are interactive online language courses for your current language level, taught by a real live instructor in small, conversation-based class settings packed with real-world application. You meet once a week for 2 hours – and within three months, you can speak one of 11 different languages ​​with fluency.

bring Fluent City: 10-Week Language Learning Course For $ 299.90 (Reg. $ 399).

6. Lyrica Premium Language Learning App

This Google Play “hidden gem” may be the most fun way to learn Spanish. The system uses popular songs from Latin stars such as Enrique Iglesias and even English-language singers such as Pink to lay the foundation for learning. Through translating and understanding the lyrics of their songs, the mastery of the language quietly seeps into your consciousness.

bring Free Lirica Premium Language Learning App After Promo Code PREZ2021 (Reg. $ 149) for $ 42.50.

7. Memorial Language Learning

CNET called Memrise “the best (app) for learning to speak casually in a new language”. Casual memes are the key to the system. They use the way they learned English as a child to learn a new language, rather than drilling down on real-world interactions and vocabulary and natural-sounding audio and video grammar rules.

bring Memorial Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription After promo code PREZ2021 (Reg. $ 139) for $ 99.99.

8. Monday

Mondley is one of the language kings, with Apple App Store Best of Distinction as well as Google Play Editor’s Choice Honors. Using its state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, Mondly actually listens when you speak any of their 33 different foreign languages, providing suggestions to speed up their performance.

bring Mondley: Lifetime Subscription For $ 59.50 after promo code PREZ2021 (Reg. $ 1,199).

9. Speaking

You knew that science and data analysis would soon find their way into language learning. Enter Enterly compiles 4,000 of the most statistically relevant words in the language you want to learn, then uses them to create conversations and improve your skills in real-life settings.

bring Says: Lifetime subscription For $ 59.50 after promo code PREZ2021 (Reg. $ 399).

Prices are subject to change.

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