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Facebook tries to get less political, Oracle may not have Tiktok takeover and Twitter says Donald Trump has been banned forever. This is your daily crunch for February 10, 2021.

Big story: Facebook tests a news feed with less politics

Facebook announced today that it is News feed changes test This will reduce political content. The company says the results will help determine how it treats such materials in the future; The content of health organizations and official government agencies will not be affected.

Two years ago, Facebook said it would degrade publisher content in favor of family and friends content, but this time it is specifically targeting politics. For now, the test is being conducted only in select markets with a small group of users, including the United States, Canada, Brazil and Indonesia.

Tech giants

Forced sale of TikTok to Oracle has been stopped – The crazy saga of possible forced sales of Tiktok’s US operations is reportedly ending.

Twitter says Trump is banned forever, even if he runs for the presidency again – “When you are removed from the stage, you are removed from the stage,” said Twitter CFO Ned Sehgal.

Apple Maps to get features like wedge for reporting crashes, threats and speed traps – New features are live in iOS 14.5 beta.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Israeli startup CYE raises $ 100M to help companies for their cyber-defense – CYE conducts offensive against its customers (with their permission) to detect vulnerabilities before malicious hackers.

SecuriThings snatches $ 14M Series A to keep torrent devices under control – This may include devices such as security cameras, access control systems and building management systems.

Podz turns podcasts into a personalized audio newsfeed – A new company, an old startup Battlefield winner, backed by Katie Couric and Paris Hilton.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

Three Edtech and Martech VCs see major opportunities in privacy and compliance – We asked them whether the deal flow has been fixed or we have to update given the possibility of additional regulation.

Dear Sophie: How can I improve the international recruitment of my startup? – The latest version of the advice column that answers immigration-related questions about working in technology companies.

How will investors value MetroMile and Oscar Health? – Last night, MetroMile and SPAC INSU Acquisition Corp II completed their combination.

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everything else

Ancestors say he combats two police requests to search his DNA database – Neither request resulted in the company changing customer or DNA data.

NASA will use Fitbits to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to astronauts and crews – NASA will provide its 1,000 employees, including 150 astronauts, with Fitbit devices in the pilot program.

European Union’s top privacy regulator urges ban on surveillance-based advertising targeting – The regulator is proposing that this ban be incorporated into a major reform of digital service regulations.

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