Facebook blocks new events around DC and state capitols – TechCrunch

Facebook announced some new measures as a precaution against coordinated violence as US President-Elect Joe Biden drew near the inauguration.

In blog post And the tweet from Facebook Policy Communications Director Andy Stone explained to the company that it would stop incidents on Wednesday near the White House, the US Capitol or any state capitol building.

The company says it will also do a “secondary” sweep through any inauguration-related events to see violations of its policies. At this point, which includes any material associated with the “Stop the Steel” movement A massive lie that Biden’s victory is illegitimate. Those groups Dominated the facebook Until the company took measures earlier this week.

Facebook will apparently be imposing new restrictions for US users who repeatedly break company rules, including preventing videos, events, and group pages from livestreaming.

Some of Facebook’s critics have fallen short of what they said, but they are still notable measures for a company that began taking dangerous conspiracies and armed groups seriously only in the last year.