Facebook and Instagram block #StormTheCapitol, apply rules used for terrorists and hate groups – TechCrunch

After Removing a video In which President Trump praised a violent group of his supporters Broke into the US Capitol Building, Facebook is bringing a new set of rules in response to the shocking events of the day.

Facebook Says that the group of people attending the Capitol on Wednesday belongs to Company policies on “dangerous individuals and organizations” – This is a designation used to enforce rules against terrorists, mass murderers and violent hate groups. Last June, the company Added anti-government “boogaloo” movement, Which encourages its followers to take up arms and prepare for or provoke civil war on the same list.

A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch, “Violent protests in the Capitol today are an insult.”

In blog post, Facebook Voice of Integrity Guy Rosen and VP of Global Policy Management Monica Bickert called Wednesday’s events an “emergency” for the platform:

He said, “Let us speak to the leadership team how many of us are feeling. Today we are frightened by the violence in the Capitol. We are treating these incidents as emergencies. Our Election Operations Center is already active in anticipation of the vote by the Georgia Elections and Congress to certify the elections, and we are monitoring the activity on our platform in real time. “

Facebook says it is in the process of removing content praising Trump supporters who have infiltrated the US Capitol as well as any other “incitement or encouragement” of Wednesday’s events, including photos from individuals’ perspectives And videos are included. “At this point they promote criminal activity that violates our policies,” Rosen and Bickert wrote.

The company will take action against anyone organizing any type of protest, which violates Washington DC’s newly implemented curfew, even peaceful ceremonies. Any “attempts to stop the violence” will also be removed.

Facebook says it is calling for people to bring weapons to one location for any post “not only in Washington, but in the US – including protests.”

Facebook made some tweaks to the “emergency measures” imposed for the US election, requiring additional admin reviews for group posts and auto-disabled comments on group posts to promote hate speech or violence “high Rate “. .

Facebook’s blog post also mentions the previous Crack on the militia, The proud boys And this “Violence-Harassment” QAnon Conspiracy. Each group eventually connected and grew on Facebook and eventually booted from the stage, and the trio was present in a violent attempt to overthrow the US election results on Wednesday.