FAA issues rules for supersonic jet flight testing in the U.S. – TechCrunch

America Federal aviation administration (FAA) is Issued new final rules To help pave the way for the re-introduction of supersonic commercial flight. US airspace regulator regulations provide guidance for companies seeking approval for flight testing of supersonic aircraft under development, including startups such as Boom Supersonic, which have just completed their sub-scale supersonic demonstrator aircraft And let’s hope to start testing it this year.

Boom, which is in the process of finalizing a $ 50 million funding round and has already raised nearly $ 150 million in fundraising efforts, rIn October, its XB-1 supersonic demonstrator jet out. This test aircraft is smaller than the final design of its Overture passenger supersonic commercial airliner, but will be used to prove the basic technologies in flight that will be used to manufacture the Overture, a 2025 rollout for company airline partners Is targeting for .

Other startups, Including Hermius, also pursuing supersonic flight for commercial use. Meanwhile, SpaceX and others focused on spaceflight such as the Virgin Galactic, exploring not only supersonic flight, but also the point-to-point flight that includes part of the journey to the outer edge of Earth’s atmosphere of flight. Can dramatically reduce time and divert long haul flights. Very few, almost in field trips.

Finalizing FAA regulations comes under the wire as the agency prepares for a transition from the current US Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao Upcoming Biden picks off for Pete Batigiag. You can read the full FAA final rule in Embedded Belt.