Ergatta Rower Review: Turn Your Workouts Into a Game

When I first played the game, I was caught trying to hit the target, not realizing I was working until it was over. I was barely breathing and soaked with sweat, my feet were aching, and I was obsessed with the four goals I missed. I actually went back later that day for another workout so that I could beat my last score. In fact, I headed to the rover just to investigate the deeper areas and proceeded to a 10-minute meteor session, where I beat my previous high score by 8 points. It pleases me.

It fits perfectly with Ergatta’s gaming-inspired programming. The race and game ranking system is not designed to make you feel like you need to do better or beat other users around the world next to your avatar, but aim and more motivation to throw you on some shorts The goal is to give in order to achieve. And try to defeat your high score.

And on days when you don’t feel like competing, there’s also an Open Row setting, where you pick a time or distance and row at your own pace. Watching the ball on the screen that represented my rowing rate upside-down was strangely pleasing, with my stroke, with a gentle gust of water in the reservoir. This was the first time I actually found cardio relaxing.

As an additional piece of inspiration, Ergatta offers “push challenges” with an extra philanthropic altruism. For January, Ergatta issued a push challenge asking users to complete 15 workouts during the month. For those who completed all 15 workouts, Irragatta donated $ 5 to a changing selection of nonprofit organizations. It’s a clever motivational tool: In those days when I didn’t feel like working, I thought of a nonprofit, worked on a rover and went to work.

If you are looking for a variety of workout options, this is not the system for you. The Ergatta does not offer any off-the-rover workouts, so everything you do will be on the rover itself. Also, there are no coach-led classes, and you do not get any instruction on your rowing form other than a short video. If you are aiming to improve your rowing technique, then you have to hit YouTube.

Money money

Photo: Iragatta

At $ 199 over $ 2,199 for shipping and installation, the Ergatta is priced at the high end of in-house rowing machines, but if you have the money, the eye-pleasing design and gaming-inspired programming are well worth the investment. Are worth This is especially true considering that it is rare to consider how you can find workout equipment you can keep in your living room rather than hiding in your garage.

More importantly, the programming options are the most fun I’ve seen on any workout device to date. If you are not an intrinsically motivated person for fitness, this is important. Instead of forcing myself to get up early and do my workout, I found myself taking a break in the middle of the day to “play” on my rover.

Getting a piece of equipment for home workouts is the easy part. Actually the real challenge is to work and work on it. With low impact, mid to high intensity workouts and gaming-inspired motivational equipment, the Ergatta has actually made fitness feel more so than the Physical Aid class.

Also, you don’t have to worry about getting mortgaged by speedboat.