Epic Games buys photogrammetry software maker Capturing Reality – TechCrunch

Epic Games is quickly becoming a more dominant force in gaming infrastructure M&A, following a string of recent purchases made to bulk up its Unreal Engineer suite. Today, the company announced that they had brought the team from Photogrammetry Studios Catch the reality To help the company improve how it handles 3D scans of the environment and objects.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Photogrammetry involves stitching together multiple photos or laser scans to create 3D models of objects that can then be exported as singular files. As computer vision techniques have evolved to minimize manual fine-tuning and adjustments, Designers are leaning more heavily on photogrammetry to import real-world environments into their games.

The use of photogrammetry can help studio developers to create a photoreelastic property in a fraction of the time it takes to create a similar 3D property from scratch. It can be used to make 3D assets of everything from clothing items to cars, mountains. Anything that is in 3D space can be captured and games are more capable in terms of console and GPU output, the level of detail that can be provided increases the need to use more elaborate 3D assets.

The Bratislava-based studio will continue to operate independently, as long as its capabilities are unrealistically integrated. Epic announced some cuts in price rates to capture the services of reality, with the price per license fee dropping from € 15,000 to $ 3,750 USD. In frequently asked questions on the studio’s site, the company notes that they will continue to support non-gaming usage customers going forward.

In 2019, Epic Games acquired Quixl, which hosted a library of photogrammetry “mega scans” that developers could access.