Elon Musk goes live on Clubhouse, but with the room full, fans stream audio on YouTube – TechCrunch

As I write Elon Musk joins the club house for his first-in-a-season session and the limitations of the app have already been tested. Only 5,000 people are in the room, but … the session is happening Live Streamed From or here.

I’m dusting off my weird live-blogging skills to cover the session … and will update this post as we go (apologies to Typos in the interim).

Musk initially talked about going to Mars and said it was likely to be “hard” for early pioneers, but it would be a matter of “keeping the candle of civilization in the dark”.

Asked if he believed the aliens, he said there was not a single piece of conclusive evidence for the existence of aliens, although it is “possible” there is such a thing as alien technology, at least “7/11” Level, and a joke that they have so far is proof that they can be on the “500 megapixel camera” or “at least the iPhone 6 level”.

He said that his children were not in the idea of ​​going to Mars.

Asked about the memes, he quipped: “The one who controls the memes controls the universe” and it’s about what makes an impact. Memes are a complex form of communication – unlike pictures, memes are “10,000 words not 1,000 words”. They are aspiringly funny. “I love, they can be very practical”

Does he try to be crazy on twitter? “I started going crazy on Twitter,” he joked.

I don’t follow them, but some are sent by “mem dealers” who are friends.

He posted about Neurolink but said Tesla had the strongest AI team in the world.

With AI, it’s all about “how we stay relevant” and at least “stay together for a ride in a good scenario” and add AI.

“People are already a cyber.” We already have a tertiary layer as a smartphone. The bit rate for typing in a phone is 100 bits. So it is trying to talk to a tree for our smartphone. So with a direct neural interface, we increase it with a huge magnitude. And also spend more time with greater magnitude.

You can decide whether you want to be a robot of a person or not. But when you wake up in the morning, you should not be like you were yesterday. This corresponds to a video game, not unlike the “converted carbon” Netflix series.

Primitive versions are neurolink ideas with small wires in your brain.

They said they would release new videos in a month, such as monkeys playing videos with their brains.

The value of the initial implant will be large and outright risk.

Question: What should we educate a 5-year-old child in this world?

Musk talked about how video games involve children, but explaining the “why” was important. “If they are not relevant, we are programmed to minimize the” possibility of things “.

Like, disassembling an engine and putting them together. We will need the means, so we understand the relevance. This is better than being a “wrench course”

They were asked “Why aren’t there more Elon Musks”? “If you want encouraging words, don’t start up”.

A friend sent him a piece of cake in 2013. So “I should have bought it 8 years ago” “Bitcoin is a good thing right now. I’m a supporter. I’m late to the party, but I’m a supporter.”

He said that it was clear that bitcoin was getting wide acceptance by the finance industry. “I do not have a strong opinion on other currencies.”

Dogcoin is a funny joke to mock cryptocurrency, but “luck is ironic”.

“The most entertaining result is most likely.” The most ironic thing is that the future will become currency.

He joked about bitcoin and his account was closed.

TESLA: They want to make 20 million cars and trucks per year as the goal.

Autonomous driving you can count on it in a week can reach a significant amount, so autonomous cars will do a third of a week, so 60 hours instead of 12.

With technologies like Lidar the meaning of objects would effectively make cars “supernatural”.

It has been difficult for him to work remotely on zoom, but remote work has not been right. “Fear is not a mind-killer, the context is a mind-killer switching” he said.

Will he start another company? It joked that he had a lot of hands with Tesla, Space X, The Boring Company and others.

He talked about huge advances in vaccine technology, such as the mRNA technology that made the Kovid-19 vaccine possible. He seems very fast about the vaccine.

“There is going to be an avalanche of vaccines”, “I guarantee you it will be thrown away this year.” He said that the ‘CureVac’ vaccine would be approved soon.

He mentions, “Tesla machines can make a barley to make super fast.”

He cleared his venom on the vaccines: “I am not an anti-waxaxer, I am a pro-waxaxer.”

In the early days of joining Silicon Valley, he had to ask himself, ‘I see the internet being built in front of me or I join it.’

Netscape’s lobby is too shy to speak to anyone.

Then he tried to code. He wrote the first maps and directions on the Internet. The web site only worked during the night because it was using the server during the day.

Mark Andresen quipped that we would get a job the next time he walked in the lobby.

He is watching The Last King for historical accuracy and Cobra Kai. The plot lines of the Expanse sometimes seem too imaginary for him.

He was recommended to Devas and Mythology and Ravens Baquet.

The theory was “very good”. Did they understand it “If you think too hard about it, it’s not completely understandable, but it’s a good film”

Hitch hikers retain their knowledge of the Galaxy

“Vlad the Stock Impeller” was brought into the clubhouse room to talk about the game stop incident. It turned out that it was De facto CEO CEO of Robinhood.

“Vlad” (or rather Vlad Tenev, Robinhood’s CEO) made an exciting attempt to explain what had happened the previous week, but was interrogated by Musk (there is little talk at this point).