Early-stage investor Mayfield shows how to scale up your biotech startup at TC Early Stage in April – TechCrunch

The founders face a heavy learning curve in the early stages of startup life. Just some of the core competencies you need to turn down, including raising VC money, recruiting the right people, getting fit in the product-market, and building a market team alongside the killer. The list goes on and on and on. You will know all those topics and more TechCrunch Early Stage Operations and Fundraising Happening on 1-2 April.

Do you science? Are you inspired to use biology as a technique? If your entrepreneurial interest leans towards the scientific side of the startup equation, you don’t want to miss this special session – brought to you by Mayfield – TC Preliminary phase 2021 on 1-2 April.

Scientific Entrepreneur – Scaling Breakout Engineering Biology Companies

Arvind Gupta and Ursheet Parikh, along with early-stage investors, company builders and Mayfield Partners, Poe Bronson, NYT bestselling author and managing director of IndieBio, will discuss scaling startups and touch on three semester areas affecting the trajectory: Fundraising, Hiring and Product Design. His insights draw on his experience with companies including content-as-service leader Geltor (which raised $ 91 million Series B in 2020); CRISPR platform Mammath Biosciences (its dream team includes co-founder and Nobel laureate Jennifer Dudna); Endpoint Health

Whether you are a biotech entrepreneur, a researcher or a scientist dealing with the daunting challenges of human and planetary health, this session will help you build a stronger, more successful startup as you take your product to market.

Mayfield will follow this season with even more material Interrupt 2021 in september. These sessions will provide insights from entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and policy makers about the creation of the company. Mayfield invests in the extraordinary people whose mission in life is to create a better world – not only for our generation but also for future generations. If you do science, don’t miss your chance to learn from leading investors who have partnered with reputed biotech and health IT entrepreneurs – from Amgen and Genentech to Mammoth Biosciences.

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