Dooly closes on $20M for AI-based tools to help salespeople with their busywork – TechCrunch

Robotic process automation has taken the enterprise world by storm by providing a set of tools for iterative, volume-based tasks to use software to remove some of those more complex ones. Lets focus on tasks. Today a startup that has taken some of that ethos and is applying it for more personal work – that of salaried people – is announcing some funding.

Woolly, A Vancouver, Canada-based startup that created a set of AI-based tools that automate busy work updating data in its sales software, and namely Salesforce – has raised $ 20 in funding to build its business Million dollars has been raised, which to date has raised many customers among the sales teams of enterprise-focused software companies. They Incorporat Airtable, Asan, Intercom, Contentful, Vidard, BigCommerce, Liftoff and Crowdriff.

The aim is to make sales software more useful for sales by eliminating the work that goes into input data in those systems.

Dolly’s founder and chief executive, Chris Hurtwigsen, said, “In fact they have created a mountain of virtual filing cabinets.” “Filing cabinets just wait for the drawer to open – or in the case of enterprise software, data to be pulled and reports to be input. We know that people are getting information about the business and our job is to make sure Is that people and systems across the business have a way to live better, faster, more far-reaching. “

The money is being announced today, but it was actually raised in two installments not previously disclosed. The $ 3.3 million round round was led by the Boldstart undertakings and included Boxgroup. Meanwhile, the $ 17 million Series A, in addition, led the addition, with Boldstart and Boxgroup again participating, as well as Battery Ventures, Mentis (chainsmokers representing musicians), and SV Angel.

Along with the VCs, there are many interesting strategic individual investors. Daniel Dine and UIPth’s Brandon Deere (the RPA connection is clearly not one I’m imagining!); Allison Pickens, ex-COO Jensite; Gender Lurie of SurveyMonkey); Jay Simmons, former CEO of Atlassian); Harry Stabbings and other unnamed investors are also involved. Boldstart’s Ed Sim is joining Dooley’s board of directors with this announcement.

The challenge that Doli has been created to solve is that where there are a lot of tools, there are now salespersons to help source, manage their sales progress, give them advice and other supporting materials. Can increase attraction and core strength. A product, customers manage once they sign in, and so on, all of them still require something important to work with: a time from salespeople to keep them updated with information Commitment. Ironically, the more tools they have to help build, the more time they need to spend feeding data.

Even more ironically, one of the problem’s big daddies – some overweight Salesforce – has published figures (cited by Dooley) that say salespersons spend only 34% of their time. The rest (trips to get coffee to get caffeine from zero) seem to be about data entry.

The idea with Dooly is that you turn it on, connect it to what you’re using – starting with Salesforce – and Dooly makes you notes that then organize it and put it in the right places in the rest of your apps .

“When a seller starts using Woolly” Aha moment ” is very immediate, ” Hartwigson said. “Whether they want to do quick pipeline editing or push their notes into Salesforce, we don’t ask the user to learn about any new patterns they are not familiar with, we just hate things that often They do the traditional. Work for clerical work. “For example, he notes, when they sync a note, Dooley automatically updates any Salesforce with any contact found in the meeting. , Updates fields, adds in-to-do, log activities, pushes messages to the appropriate internal stakeholders on Slack, all in one motion.

Currently the product is also integrated with Slack, G-Cal, and G-Drive, because, Hartwigsen said, “we see it as an area where there was the most immediate friction and an area that needed disintegration.” He said the plans are to add more integration over time. “We need to expand those solutions in our connected workspace with our near-term focus, which is a system that touches revenue teams,” he said.

Dooley’s design seems to be about investing a little to make more money. On average people are using Dooley between 2.5 and 5 hours each week, but Hartwigson Claims that the system currently helps people make more hours each week in lost productivity. Its price starts at $ 25 per user per month, which depends on the features and usage.

Today there are a lot of thousands of products in the market, and hundreds of them are strong people, with the help of which salespersons are being made with different aspects of their work. I’ve written about some of them, and I’ve actually asked companies if they’re dealing with an issue that Dooley has identified and is trying to fix.

They were not, but that does not mean that they will not. Chief among them are companies such as UIpath and Salesforce, which sit on different sides of the problem and can move forward as it continues to grow. (Supporting Uipath as its founder and as a senior working point for the relationship there, which is interesting.)

Meanwhile, there have been some other interesting innovations using AI to improve the sales process, including companies like Pipedrive, Clari, Seismic, and Gong using all-natural language, machine learning, and big data analytics (itself Helped by AI) has been done with) how to improve sales.

“When we met the Dooley team, the first thing we saw was the first approach to the product, reflecting the love of the customer. This love was rooted not only on popular rating sites like G2 Crowd but also on viral adoption in companies with personal use and only one initial user, ”Ed Sim, founder and managing partner said in a statement to Boldstart Enterprises. “Dooly is revolutionizing the customer experience of taking notes to face end-users from sales to product success.”

“Dooley is constantly focused on creating workflows for its customers and a user-first experience to unlock new revenue opportunities,” said Edison founder Lee Fixel. “We are thrilled to support Dooley as it enhances and enhances the sales function for more businesses.”