Does Google Set Limits to Search Traffic?

Does Google Set Limits to Search Traffic?

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about traffic to sites displayed in Google search. Many publishers have suspected for years that Google keeps a limit on how much traffic certain sites receive.

The question was about Google Discover, a feature in Android where Google would show users’ places of interest on mobile phones.

So, with Google search, if a person enjoys cycling, Google can start showing articles about Google cycling in the Google search feed.

Google Search Traffic Limit Theory

Some in the SEO search marketing community have suggested that Google reduces traffic. Throttling means controlling how much current flows through something.

Web publishers have noticed that traffic sometimes bursts and that daily traffic totals seem to have limits, limits.


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The incident prompted some publishers to suggest that Google controls traffic.

The person asking the question explicitly asks if it has anything to do with server capacity.

Does Google place limits on search traffic on websites?

Here is the question that John Mueller was asked:

“… as we see Google crawling by server capacity, does Google set a search traffic limit?

Like when that website found that a lot more traffic could be obtained from Discover than its server? “

Google’s John Muller answered the question but did not limit Google Discover’s answer. He expanded the north to be inclusive of search traffic as well.

John Muller considered his answer

John Muller of Google replied:


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“No, I dont think so.

I mean, we generally don’t have any kind of … search traffic limit.

So that also applies to Discover.

So it is not that we will say that this website gets 1,000 visitors from search and then we stop showing it.

Because, I mean, the ideal situation is we show a website that’s really good for a search query, and we show it to anyone who comes in because it’s a good website.

So it would be strange to say, we think this is a good website but we are not going to show it to people. “

Google traffic throttling is a myth

There are several reasons that traffic may become heavy during a part of the day and then stop. Sometimes this is because people at work or after school are doing research. Sometimes this is because people are at lunch and are casually browsing the web.

Search is not intended just because someone is using some particular keyword. It is also intended in the search for where the query is created and when the query is made.

Tools such as Google Trends can help publishers understand where (geographically) certain questions have been posed and this may indicate why those searchers are tapping at a certain time of day.

Google’s John Mueller confirmed that if traffic search stops at a set amount per day, it is not because Google is shutting down search traffic.


See John Muller’s answer to Google if Google searched for traffic: