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Brings another day Another heinous debut of the Multibillion Dollar Company which performed well out of the gate.

This time it is Kapang, whose shares are currently up more than 46% to more than $ 51. After pricing at $ 35, $ 1 above the IPO price range of the South Korean e-commerce giant. Raising someone’s range and then pricing over it. Taking more of the new equity just to see the public markets is somewhat on par with the course when it comes. Most successful recent debut, To which we can add Coupang.

Company mix Rapid growth and slimming losses The public has found the audience among the types of money, so let’s quickly find out the price they paid. What was the company worth of its IPO value, and what is the value now? And, of course, we want to calculate revenue run rates for each figure.

Oh – we’ll also need to calculate how much money Softbank made. Actually j-curve inversion!

Kuipung’s IPO and current price

As Renaissance capital note, Kuipung boosted its share allocation from 120 million to 130 million shares. This raised the value of both primary and secondary shares to a total of $ 4.55 billion in its public offering. That’s a lot of money.

At its IPO price of $ 35, the same source raised the company’s fully diluted IPO valuation to $ 62.9 billion. According to us, the company’s simple valuation at the price of the IPO was $ 60.4 billion. Those numbers are enough that we’ll stick with the numbers out of pity for the company’s fans.

Doing some quick math, Tsang is worth $ 92 billion at the moment. This is a large number that almost zero companies will ever reach. Some, certainly, but as a percentage of startups who start it, it is an external figure.