Content discovery platform Dable closes $12 million Series C at $90 million valuation to accelerate its global expansion – TechCrunch

Five years ago, content search platform was launched in South Korea Inactive It now serves a total of six markets in Asia. It now plans to accelerate the pace of its expansion with six new markets in the region planned for this year before entering European countries and the United States. Inactive Announced today that it had raised a $ 12 million series led by South Korean venture capital firm SV Investment at a valuation of $ 90 million. Other participants included returning KB Investments and K2 Investments, as well as investor Kakao Ventures, a subsidiary of Kakao Corporation, one of South Korea’s largest internet firms.

Dable (the name is a combination of “data” and “enable”) currently serves more than 2,500 media outlets in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. It has subsidiaries in Taiwan, which account for 70% of its overseas sales, and Indonesia.

Series C brings Dable’s total funding to $ 20.5 million so far. So far, the company has taken a gradual approach to international expansion, co-founder and CEO Cheehyun Lee told TechCrunch, first entering one or two markets and then waiting for the business to stabilize there. However, in 2021, it used its CC to speed up its expansion, launching in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, mainland China, Australia and Turkey before entering markets in Europe and the United States. is planned.

The company aims to become the “most used personal recommendation platform in the last 30 countries” by 2024. Lee said there are also plans to convert it into a media tech company by launching a Content Management System (CMS) next year.

Dable currently boasts an average annual sales growth rate of more than 50% since its inception, and says it reached $ 27.5 million in sales in 2020, up from 63% the previous year. Every month, it has a total of 540 million unique users and recommends five billion content, resulting in over 100 million clicks. Dable also says that its average annual sales growth rate has been more than 50% since inception, and in that 2020, it reached $ 27.5 million in sales, up 63% from the previous year.

Prior to launching Dable, Lee and three other members of its founding team worked at RecoPick, a recommendation engine developer run by SK Telecom, a subsidiary of SK Telecom. For media outlets, Dable offers two big data and machine learning-based products: Dable News to make personalized recommendations for content, including articles, visitors, and Dable Native Ad, which ads including Google, MSN and Kakao Come on the network.

A third product, called, is an ad-targeted solution for e-commerce platforms that also makes personalized product recommendations.

Dable’s main rivals include Tabul and Outbrain, both headquartered in New York (and recently called a merger), but also do business in Asian markets and Tokyo-based Popin, which also serves customers in Japan and Taiwan Provides service.

Lee said that by running an A / B test to compare the performance of competitors against DeAble’s recommendations DeAble proves the competitiveness of their products and see which results in the most clickthrough. It also performs A / B testing to compare the performance of articles taken by editors against those recommended by Dable’s algorithm.

DAB also offers algorithms that give customers more flexibility in displaying what kind of personalized content, which is a selling point as media companies try to overcome the steep decline in advertising spending that has been triggered by the COVID-19 epidemic. For example, Dable’s related article algorithm is based on content that visitors have already seen, while its Perused Article algorithm states that visitors interested in certain articles based on metrics such as how much time they read felt. It also has another algorithm that displays the most viewed articles based on gender and age groups.