CommonGround raises $19M to rethink online communication – TechCrunch

common groundA startup developing technology for which its founders describe as “4D collaboration” is announcing that it has raised $ 19 million in funding.

This is not the first time that Aamir Basan-SKNazi and Ran Oz have launched a startup together – they have also founded a video networking company Bigband network, Which won two technology-related Emmy Awards, went public in 2007 and was acquired by Aris Group in 2011. Prior to that, they worked together at digital compression company Optibease, which Oz co-founded and where Besan-SKNazi served as COO.

Although Commongrad is still in stealth mode and does not plan to fully unveil its first product until next year, Basan-SKNazi and Oz outlined their vision for me. He acknowledges that video conferencing has improved significantly, but it still cannot match face-to-face communication.

“Some things you can’t get through a flat video-conferencing-type solution,” said Basan-SKNazi. “They got better over the years, but they never managed to get that thing where you walk into a bar … and there’s a bunch of people talking and you instantly know who took a little Hua, who’s excited, what kind of ‘eh.’ “

Aamir Basan-SKNazi and Rann Oz, founders of Commongrad

Aamir Bassan-SKNazi and Rann Oz, founders of Commongrad. Image Credit: common ground

This is, essentially, Basan-SKNazi, trying to build Oz and his team – online collaboration software that more fully captures the nuances of in-person communication, and indeed in some ways face-to-face Improves interaction (hence 4D moniker). Asked if it involves combining video conferencing with other collaboration tools, Oz responded, “Think about it Beyond Video, “using technology such as computer vision and graphics.

Bassan-SKNazi said that they have been working on CommonGrade for over a year, so this is not a response to our current home living environment. And the opportunity should still be on a larger scale as offices reopen next year.

“When we started it, it was a problem that we thought some workforce would understand.” “Now my mother understands this, because that’s how she reads Grandpa.”

For funding, the round was headed Matrix Partners, With participation from Grove Ventures And StageOn Ventures.

“Aamir and Ran have a bold approach to strengthen communication,” Matrix General Partner Patrick Malatac said in a statement. “His technical expertise, combined with the history of successful exits made for a successful investment decision.”