Color of Change, activist groups step up pressure to kick Trump off Twitter, Facebook – TechCrunch

Color of Change, a growing number of other organizations calling for a non-profit civil rights advocacy, as well as social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook, followed a chaotic day of protest and chaos, with President Donald from the platforms Trump’s removal led to a crowd of Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol and prompted a lockdown and lawmakers’ evacuation.

Color of Change and other activist organizations have said that major tech and financial services companies are engrossed in underwriting insurance in Washington DC and are asked to take action on social media. Twitter Has shut down the president of the United States Twitter account and forced the removal of three offensive tweets, but the social media platform has not removed him entirely from the platform. Twitter account lock Will last for at least 12 hours.

Rashad Robinson, president of Change of Change, tweeted on Wednesday, “Enough is enough. The time has come for Facebook and Twitter to remove Trump from their platform. We have been in contact with @Facebook and @Twitter leadership about this but we need your help. “

The organization has also started a petition that people can use to make a direct appeal to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The petition reads:

Dear CEO Jack Dorsey,

Donald Trump has historically violated your terms of service and now, as a result of promoting and easing today’s chaos, the rebels have left our Senate building with senators, staff, and staff fearing for their lives. Trump’s tweet has endangered the lives of millions of Americans, from his descendants cheering on white supremacists to now advocating the use of force by the National Guard against Americans who oppose police killings Huh. There is no excuse to allow this dangerous user to exploit your platform. It’s #KickTrumpOffTwitter time.

Several other activist organizations, business groups and tech leaders have used social media to condemn Wednesday’s events. Accountable tech, A moral organization, tweeted on Wednesday that the violent attack is heartbreaking, but not expected. “Sadly, the preparation and response of Twitter and Facebook has been wildly inadequate. Just not enough to incite violence. “

Other organizations such as the US Travel Association, the Council for Jewish Affairs and the Business Round Table condemned the incidents, but did not directly criticize social media for its involvement.

The Business Roundtable, whose members are chief executives of major United States corporations, focused on Trump’s efforts and called for an end to chaos and a peaceful transition of power. Others, such as the National Association of Manufacturers, used strong language, noting that demonstrators supporting Trump were an act of “treason” and “mob rule” and asked Vice President Mike Pence to “seriously consider” the 25th Amendment Urged.